Hat World

If you do know me, please skip to the contact details, for that would be the only reason to check this page, or maybe you want to see my new haircut. Or not.

If you don’t know me: hi! My name is Thorwald Hendrik Matthias Stein, or ‘Thor’s ruler’ Henry Matthew Rock (though Stein is also a village on some Scottish island, apparently. And in the Netherlands. And probably in Germany. Or the USA…). Norwegian name, Dutch nationality, English degree, American accent. Sing and socialize in Revelation – Warwick Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir.

More importantly, I study maths. Fluid dynamics. Oh and I’m not a fresher… but a final year PhD student. Did my MSc at Warwick in 2003-2004 (and passed it!). Got to change my liberal-arts-minded brain into a maths-minded brain to pass the PhD degree as well. Fluid dynamics is fun – from gases to golden syrup, anything that flows is discussed. My main focus on modelling flow of particles in/on a fluid. Find out more about my research on my ePortfolio.

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