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May 12, 2008

So, what happened in the end?

Follow-up to The pain of musical goodness from Mr. A. Blog

Welllll....I fixed it with wood glue.  £2 wood glue and a 3p piece of dowling.



April 11, 2008

The pain of musical goodness

Right, so you're being all good, doing your music practice and your instrument decides to break.  Fair enough, it's not like you've already paid enough for the instrument itself, all the accessories, the lessons, the insurance... but okay, go and attempt to get it fixed.  

Nobody knows how to fix it.

What?! You are meant to be a viola REPAIRER.  R.  E.  P.  A.  I.  R.  E.  R.  

Apparently I have pegs that aren't seen very often, they're not the usual friction relying ones, they're geared, called 'Caspari'.  Okay, so can I buy a new peg?  


Okay, a whole new set of 'Caspari' pegs? 


I have to buy a new set of friction based pegs?


And get the hole the Caspari peg left filled in and re-drilled, at a high chance the instrument will break?


It's times like this I wish I did a pastime that was simple.  Like gardening.  Or dog walking. 

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  • Well, it works. That will do me, I didn't have to pay 200 so I'm happy :P by on this entry
  • Congrats! I am most impressed. But, is it stuck fast? Or does it actually move, this time ;–) by on this entry

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