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March 31, 2005

My Birthday!!!

Well, i know I haven't updated my blog for a while, but, lets be honest, I'm a lazy f*cker most of the time!!

Last week was my birthday, and on Saturday I decided to invite everyone down from uni to descend upon my house and local! After emailing people directions to my house from every corner of britain (which must hav been great cuz nobody got lost!), I awoke on Saturday full of excitement!!!

Most people arrived mid to late afternoon, while the bbq in my back garden was in full flow as the weather just about held out! The drink flowed freely, and we even managed to get Divot to fail in his diet (which I was assured was a high/low carb diet, depending on what food was in front of him!)

After a couple of hours of drinking on most peoples part (more like 7 on mine and my mates from home who had been drinking since 12) and a box full of my sisters punch (cheers amy, although I'm still trying to figure out the exact recipe) we decided it was time to head down to the Robin Hood for karaoke and more drinking!

It was a superb night! One I will certainly not forget!! Not only for the incredible amount of fun it was to have most of my uni mates in my local singing karaoke, but also because I got absolutely hammered, and shortly after downing my customary birthday mucky pint managed to throw up all over Will and onto Abs shoes!!! sorry guys, it was my birthday and I feel that this is an adequate excuse for representing Cardinal Chunder!!

Anyway, after that can't really remember much, only going home in Dave's car and then lying on my sofa, with Dan slapping me to try n wake me up so the party could continue, unfortunately to no avail!!!

Next thing i remember is throwing up in the middle of the night, then returning to my room only to hear Little Tom, who was asleep at t' foot of our stair, shout up "Walk it off big man!". I dunno, random memory!

Next morning I was a little delicate to say the least, but managed to advance downstairs to discuss the evenings events. My parents (bless em) were absolute legends as usual in the dishing out of sorely needed tea, coffee, and toast, which I can assure them went down extremely well!!

After a few hours of me generally moping about clutching my stomach, everyone remembered they had a long drive/train journey ahead of them and thought it would be best to get on their way!

Thanks to everyone for coming, my mates from home and uni alike, it was certainly a weekend not easily forgotten!

Moment of the weekend has to go to Jake, who, unknown to most people present upon returning to my house after the pub, decided to enter my parents room, not realising they were in bed! He was looking for Steve, who had gone walkabout, Crocodile Dundee style. Upon realising that he was in my parents room, announced "Oh…. the parents… hello!! Rest assured, you won't be disturbed again!". Classic Jake!!

Photos of the weekend should be up in the birthday gallery!!!

Looking forward to gettin bak to uni in a few weeks, can't wait!!!

Now….. wheres that essay I'm supposed to be writing…...

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