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February 06, 2005

Day of Rugby Number 1

So…. Saturday saw the start of the six nations!

Started drinking at around 12, stopped at about 12, ie 12 hours of drinking!

Was great!

Highlights included Abi "falling" off her chair, Jades super long drinking straw and standing up for the national anthem, then being completely outsung by the welsh contingent (thats not the only thing they did better than us on Saturday but we wont go into that!)

Anyway, off to watch the superbowl, hope england do better next week!


February 03, 2005

Ahhh, poker…...

So, last night finally got around to using the poker set I had purch-aced (hehe). After teaching the few others I would be playing against to play the game, apart from gadsby who appears to have a reasonably good knowledge of the game, we commenced!

Danni, probably the least experienced of us, was the first out (sorry chuck) but we'll put that one down to inexperience! And also maybe the fact Joey "the most over confident so confident shes obviously not bluffing or is she never mind I've won the pot poker player" Seager was helping her!

Jake stayed in there for a while, with his sunglasses, hat and scarf to preserve not only his poker face but his whole poker appearance. Unfortunately mine and Gadsbys skill saw through his sunglasses to his eyes, the route to any mans soul! He was next out.

Then it was me and Gadsby, and after a few hands got bored of the one-on-one due to the lack of money involved so Gadsby conceded as I had more chips by quite a long way.

All in all a good night, would have better if there was money involved!

Oh well, time for a curry and a pint in Leam, if i ever finish my maths work!!!!

Ok, just to put you scum supporters straight…...

Follow-up to I hate Man United SCUM!!!! from never judge a blog by its name.....

There have been some strange comments on my last entry about the Man Utd vs Arsenal game, someone even suggesting that Man Utd were a more successful team than Liverpool. Just to put them straight, here are the FACTS…..

League Champions
Liverpool – 18 times
Manchester United – 15 times

Second Division Champions
Liverpool – 4 times
Manchester United – 2 times

FA Cup Winners
Liverpool – 6 times
Manchester United – 10 times

League Cup Winners
Liverpool – 6 times
Manchester United – 1 time

Charity Shield Winners
Liverpool – 14 times
Manchester United – 11 times

European Cup Winners
Liverpool – 4 times
Manchester United – 3 times

UEFA Cup Winners
Liverpool – 3 times
Manchester United – Never won it

European Super Cup Winners
Liverpool – 2 times
Manchester United – 1 time

So sorry guys, the only competition you've won more times than us is the FA cup, and total honours is 57 – 43 in our favour, so even if you have been the better side in recent years, you've got a long way to go to catch us up.

Don't even bother posting any more comments about this, I'm writing on this blog to record my time at university, not to prove that Man Utd arent as all conquering as their fans (who don't seem to know anything about football) make out.

February 02, 2005

I hate Man United SCUM!!!!

Ok, so I'm a Liverpool fan, but went to watch the Man U vs Arsenal match last nite, and to be quite honest i was disgusted!

Man U are the flukiest, most petulant team ever!

Anyway, Liverpool won away at Charlton so was pleased.

Apart from that, havent been up to much really, went to the gym thats about how interesting my life is these days…...

Catch ya later..

Right, model style photos please…...

Follow-up to Mohican Banana from never judge a blog by its name.....

Here, finally got these off the camera, for a signed copy send a stamped address email :-)

The first two are of the mullet i had for about 5 mins in between!

February 01, 2005

Mohican Banana

Well, last night was interesting…..

A few nights ago, whilst discussing the length of my hair, me and Will (drunk at the time) decided it would be a great idea to let my hair grow and then shave it into a mohican. I agreed, provided that it was only for one night, and that i could shave it off the next morning…..

….. so i did.

Here is the shot of my hair before the chop. I look rather Bigfoot, though i say so myself…..

and here are a few photos of me whilst i was out at Top Banana that night, official "model" photos to come…..

It was amazing seeing different peoples reactions to the shark fin which had suddenly appeared on my head. Whereas some people, upon seeing the fashion benchmark, immediately exclaimed "Whoa ur hair looks so cool!", others would shout "What the fuck have you done to your hair??".

Either way, it was fun…..

So let me know wot u think of my one night exclusive hairstyle, should I create it again once my hair has grown back, or should i never trust Will with a pair of clippers again…. ever!

By the way Will, cheers mate you did a great job, ur hair next….

…. oh yeh, i remember you saying you thought monk hair styles were gonna be in this year…..

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