January 30, 2005

the cusp of the blog

Well, its been a long time,

As no-one seemed to be writing anything on this blog i decided to turn it into my own personal blog, which is probably what it should have been in the first place!

I haven't written anything on here for a long time, whether thats because I've been to busy working or because I've been too busy drinking I'll leave for you to decide!

Anyway, im hoping i can make this into something interesting for people to read! So here goes!

November 02, 2004

Quote of the weekend

Follow-up to Quote of the weekend?! from never judge a blog by its name.....

oooo quote of the week has to be…... "deployable within 45 minutes". best moment when that guy wearing the jumper with tool written on it wlked past. wat a piece.

November 01, 2004

Quote of the weekend?!

In my view quote of the weekend goes to Max:

"Its a fucking SOFA BED!!!"

any other suggestions?

October 31, 2004

What a Desert Eagle .50 of a weekend boys!

Well, what can i say, this weekend has been exceptional!

First of all, many thanks to Tom's Mom for letting us blow up helium balloons and meet lots of celebrities for free, and to the Gadsby Peet's for their hospitality and understanding!

Highlights of the weekend:

  • Meeting Ralf Little
  • Meeting Chris Moyles
  • Meeting Lisa Snowdon
  • Meeting Lost Prophets
  • Meeting Razorlight
  • Meeting Lisa Faulkner
  • Meeting Oatis from CBBC
  • Meeting some of the cast from Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
  • Being one of a select few in the audience for the dress rehearsal
  • Being in Trafalgar Square at 2.53am
  • Being invited to the after show party and getting into the VIP area
  • Being ruined by Moylesey

That sums up a lot of the weekend. There are many other memories that will last a lifetime, but to write them all here would not only take hours to read, but would ruin the exclusiveness of the memories we shared together boys, WHAT A MOTHER FUCKING DON OF A WEEKEND!

October 27, 2004

The Big C Concert this weeked!

Hey guys just found a website about the concert we're going to this weekend!! Should be really good, CANT WAIT!!!!

Check it out:

BBC THREE - The Big C Concert

October 03, 2004

The first week!

Well, its been a week since i got here, and I'm having a great time! Been out almost every night so far! Only night we didn't all venture out was monday night, thats because the queue for Top Banana was apparently three hours long, so we just all stayed in and had a "few" drinks :-).

Best night so far was thursday night, which was Kirby Blocks party in the graduate club. Cracking night, with cheesy music and lots of dancing (photos to come).

Wednesday night was also a laugh, first rugby club social, which involves ridiculous amounts of drink and communal vomiting to name but a few activites!

I have also posted some photos of my room, so you guys at home can see my humble abode, i apologise for the mess!

Had my first few lectures, my course seems to be pretty interesting, some modules more so than others, but there are at least 2 that I'm really looking forward to, so thats good!

Neways thats all for now!

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