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Teysseer Abdelrahim Satti is the name.

Life flash: Born in Leicester in Feb 1982. Moved with the family back to the Sudan where I was raised. To those of you who slept through Geography lessons at school (me included in that!), The Sudan is the biggest country in Africa, located on the east of the continent. Did School in Khartoum,The Sudan, College in Guildford, and University at UMIST.
‘No’, I do not have any identity conflict, you all can rest assured. I think .. I’m a true African Amer.. I mean African British.

Interests: I am all-out football crazy. ‘Yes’, I spend more hours playing football, than doing actual work! I really hope my supervisor doesn’t read this. Big Arsenal fan, as well. We luv ya Arsenal, we do .. Arsenal, we do .. ArseEeEnaAaaaAal, we luv you.
I sketch and draw, play the guitar (just a li’l)... and much much more.
Note: the ‘much much more’ bit is there to give the impression that I’m not only limited to the things mentioned, but there’s actually more to me.. yeah, right!

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