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September 25, 2009

Tales of the Unexpected

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For people of a certain age, Sunday nights at 10pm meant Tales of the Unexpected on ITV and it was a must watch show for my parents. It was a murder mystery drama to finish the weekend off in style. If you type ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ in to any well known video sharing website, you will get a chance to catch the scarily catchy signature tune complete with various shadowy women dancing around the screen in a pretty evocative way.

The Power of the Picture

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My father is coming up to the end of his working career as a professional photographer and there have been photos of me from my early days in 1980 through to today so I know everything about the power of pictures. The most powerful shots will stop you in your tracks with powerful memories or a horrified trance. The flicking through the newspaper pages will suddenly stop and you will examine the picture like a detective on a television crime drama.

September 17, 2009

We Are Off To South Africa!

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Two days had passed since that Wednesday night at Wembley, and as we trudged up the stairs to start another day at work, a colleague turned to me and wondered what I thought about England’s recent victory against Croatia? There have been many occasions during my lifetime when that question would have provoked an emotional rant about what went wrong with the team, and why I believed that England were an embarrassment to world football as well as the nation. I would finish my screams with the wish that I was born in Brazil, so would be assured that my team would get to the World Cup and be a serious bet to win the tournament.

The Emmanuel Adebayor Issue

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It is not often that footballers annoy me. I like to think that I am a fairly placid guy regarding football and I usually treat the top flight players with the upmost respect. They are performing tricks on the pitch which I could never do in my wildest dreams, even when I was at school. Match of the Day does not annoy me either. It is too late on a Saturday evening for me to start ranting at the TV screen. My brain has been deep cleaned after the Strictly Come X Factor reality mush during the early evening. It is also difficult to get a true picture of the afternoon’s game in a three minute highlights package topped and tailed with a little bit of punditry.

September 11, 2009

The 17 Million Pound Question

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I do not know whether it is my complex personality, but I have always tried to stick up for the underdogs throughout my life. I guess that I have been an underdog too on some occasions but when everyone is picking on a helpless victim, I will usually try to offer some support. This act will often cause me to become the new target of the abuse, but I can cope. After all, you have to remember that “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” and all of those other corny sayings that you were told when a kid?

September 09, 2009

Roy Keane: The Leader

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Four weeks have passed since the start of the Championship season, and my beloved Ipswich Town Football Club has yet to win a league match. At the moment whilst watching daily documentaries of the police fighting the causes of crime in Grimsby or Portsmouth, I am fighting a fierce battle in my mind.

Should I make snap judgements about the season that is still in its infancy, or has the Roy Keane bubble burst? I wonder whether I should be running to the metaphorical window to jump out of this season before GMT has begun, or try and be a bit more rational.

September 03, 2009

The Measured Reaction to Hooligans

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When you talk about the history of football in the UK, it is difficult to avoid talking about hooliganism, which blighted the national game for decades. It was a shameful period in British football but the story has to be told. These yobs dominated the UK national scene throughout the seventies and eighties. Football was a regular lead topic on the BBC’s Nine O’clock News for the wrong reasons.

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