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February 16, 2007

Back to Debian

Having switched from Ubuntu Feisty to Debian sid this week, it was interesting to compare the two. At the moment, I’m missing having the very latest version of Tomboy (with bullet points), and one or two other applications – but on the other hand, the number of obvious critical bugs is much smaller.

I started using f-spot to manage my photos – I suspect it to be better than gThumb, and it’s an official GNOME project. There are some handy features, like exporting to Flickr, which I’ll have to try out. Importing photos automatically seems to have a bug in unstable (and in Feisty), but updating to the experimental version of gnome-volume-manager fixed that. I changed the photo import command to ‘f-spot-import %h’, rather than using the gthumb import, because gives the ‘right’ directory hierarchy, so everything’s running really smoothly now.

I’m not sure how far I want to upgrade to experimental packages, though (as I’ve done this sort of thing before, sometime prior to the sarge release) – it looks like I would have to rebuild libvte4 against the newer libvte-common if I wanted any kind of piecemeal transition, which could be done. Instead, I could try GARNOME or jhbuild to put everything into /usr/local/... or I could just wait, I suppose.

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