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February 17, 2007

Logical filing

At least in a well-known high street music chain:

  • Ben Folds Five is a group, so is filed under ‘B’.
  • Ben Folds is an individual artist, so is filed under ‘F’.

In the Library of Congress classification system used at Warwick:

  • The programming language ‘Lisp’ is filed under QA 75.4.L4, near the books on ‘Logo’.
  • The Lisp variant known as ‘Common Lisp’ is filed under QA 75.4.C65, near the books on ‘COBOL’.
  • The Lisp variant known as ‘Scheme’ appears to be filed under QA 75.3.D9, slightly separate from all the other programming language books, near the books on assembly language, with the ‘D’ coming from the name of the author of the book.

Further, section ‘QZ’ (Psychology) does not appear in the ‘official’ Library of Congress system, and has been invented (possibly not by Warwick) to keep the proper psychology on the science floor (as opposed to section BF with all the philosophy books), as far as I can tell.

This blog is obsolete

From 20th August 2007, this blog is no longer being updated. For something more recent, please visit Tim Retout’s website.

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