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June 19, 2006

BFL 2006

Gragh, it's that time again. It's the morning of the BFL, and I'm expected to pack up my computer, and take it to a room where I have less space, a less comfortable chair, I can't concentrate, and I have a slower internet connection. Still, I'm sure it'll be fun.

It's the end of term, so this LAN lasts an especially long time. In my naivety, I'm assuming that I'll manage to get some important things done this week. Like, everything I've been planning to do all year, but haven't found the time. That's a lot of things.

Yesterday was the Compsoc barbeque, as well. For me, the highlight was seeing baby goslings and ducks down by the lake – I got hissed at just for walking along the path. Yes, I should probably have been socialising… interesting, looking at the impulse to talk. A good case could be made for a purely memetic explanation – the 'socialising is good' meme, if followed, will encourage the spread of memes, including itself – and hence it prospers, and is tolerated (even adopted and used) by other memes. Turning everyone into meme fountains… and then there's blogging. Hmm.

I suspect next year I shall have to find a different society. Perhaps the members will be less weird, and I'll want to socialise more. :)

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