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June 25, 2007

Mein armer Arm

Today was the day after DebConf. Early this morning, I wandered around Edinburgh with Pixie and daven – it was epic, if mostly unbloggable for fear of prosecution. Not much sleep.

After checking out of the hostel at 9am, we went up to Teviot to help with clearing up. At this point, I made the mistake of slipping on some rain-soaked decking, twice. The first time, my phone was damaged; the second time, my arm was damaged. I got sent up to the hospital, and was given some X-rays, a blue sling thing to match my fading hair, and a bunch of painkillers. It might be broken, but I won’t find out until I go to Derby tomorrow. This may prevent me from turning up to CompSoc’s LAN this week in any meaningful way, as I am currently typing one-handed.

In the afternoon I caught up on sleep, then went to an Italian restaurant for dinner with a bunch of Germans. (They’re quite entertaining.) I’m typing this from a slow wireless connection in a pub down the road, where we’re all sitting around drinking coke.

Yes, also, I have mislaid my phone charger; don’t expect me to be sending too many messages for a day or two. This, combined with my crushing the antenna with my upper leg, might be the excuse I need to update my five year-old handset.

EDIT: This was really from Sunday. It was pointed out to me that it was “der Arm”. If the wireless weren’t so bad, I would have looked it up. Also, I knew the translation for “arm”, honest.

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