December 01, 2005

Wisdom teeth

On an entirely more mundane note to what I just finished writing about, I've got a wisdom tooth coming through in the lower-left bit of my mouth, and it's really quite annoyingly painful.

Why are they called wisdom teeth? Was some wise-crack implying that we have to go through pain to acquire wisdom? Gah…

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  1. Buy some clove oil from Boots. Its marvellous. You have to ask for it from the chemist bit.

    01 Dec 2005, 18:58

  2. I'll certainly bear that in mind… but perhaps if I just leave it it will go away. :)

    01 Dec 2005, 19:08

  3. I have three and a half of the pointless bastards. Je deteste.

    02 Dec 2005, 03:56

  4. Argh I do not envy you. I had to have two of mine taken out two summers ago before they had even fully come through as there was no space for them! The mini-operation wasn't too bad thanks to the anaesthetcs, but it was the post op pain that was a killer!

    If clove oil doesn't work (though it should) try Bonjela, or just ask the chemist for teething gel they use on babys' gums.

    18 Dec 2005, 06:58

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