June 26, 2007

Single–handedly, quite literally.

Today (i.e. Monday), I caught the train back from Edinburgh. An initial plan to alight in Derby was foiled by the fact that the train chose to go via Carlisle and Crewe instead. Still, I made it home to Coventry.

On the way, I mostly packaged ircservices for Debian with one hand, by reading the debhelper manpage and studying a couple of other packages. It needs a patch or two for FHS compliance, and some testing.

Rant Of The Day

Looking at my desktop usage, I have a horrible UI problem. I use irssi for IRC a lot, because running on a remote server in a persistent screen session is very handy. However, this means I have to poll the screen for new messages, rather than receiving notifications or window highlights of some kind, as I would with a new instant message. To fix this, I could use xchat or xchat-gnome, which is fairly usable for the most part – but then I would probably have to set up some kind of bouncer (like irssi-proxy), and I’ve still not got around to it. Argh.

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  1. Richard Warburton

    You might want to look at this:


    26 Jun 2007, 14:12

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