June 29, 2007

Moving back

Today, I failed to transfer all my stuff back from Coventry to Derby. I’ve been making repeated trips over the past week (ignoring the CompSoc LAN, alas), so tomorrow I’ll have to go back and arrange a taxi, I think. I have far too many possessions.

This evening was my stepmother’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, so the extended family went out for a meal. The food was very nice, and there was a piano being played next to us – so we got to play ‘name that tune’ for the whole evening. I ate far too much, I think.

So, back in Derby. My main concern at the moment is that my laptop does not connect to the wireless network from the top floor successfully – this prevents me using the internet from my room, which would avoid waking people up in the middle of the night, I think. My current thinking is that I might be able to modify the firmware on this Linksys WRT54G we have, which has two fairly good antennae, and turn it into a point-to-point relay thing.

Meanwhile, I want to settle down with all my belongings, start looking for a job, and actually get some spare time back to work on things. DebConf was reasonably productive, but there are a couple of projects hanging in the air at the moment.

Also, when I’m in Derby I start paying more attention to the news again. Gordon Brown and the new cabinet look quite interesting.

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  1. Michael Retout

    The reason why the linksys isn’t performing too well could be that I unplugged it – it’s just a thought.

    30 Jun 2007, 13:58

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