July 04, 2007

I'm so vanilla.

This morning, I had a hospital appointment about my arm – I was discharged within five minutes of seeing the consultants, who said I wouldn’t be needing that sling thing, or physiotherapy. Apparently my elbow is making good progress, considering I hurt it less than two weeks ago. I still can’t fully extend it, or touch my shoulder; and I’m not to do any heavy lifting or contact sports for the next four weeks.

The software that the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary uses (at least for X-rays) is called Centricity – although from what was described to me, they’re using the ‘Remote Hosting’ solution. Apparently, it gives less than optimal performance, but purchasing their own server would cost too much. Proprietary software is negatively affecting the quality of service of the NHS! Boo, hiss.

With the rest of the day, I baked some white chocolate chip cookies, reducing the amount of flour in the English version of the Wise Guys’ recipe to sensible levels. The results are almost indistinguishable from the supermarket ones, except that mine perhaps taste more strongly of vanilla. It turns out that the expensive white chocolate I bought contained large amounts of vanilla as well. (Insert joke about BDSM here.)

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  1. nattie

    No contact sports? Denied!

    04 Jul 2007, 23:03

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