January 14, 2007

Down to busyness

This weekend was mostly spent in DCS, coding at the WUGLUG events XING and QING. Acronyms (and alliteration) abound. While Richard, Chris and Daniel studied javac (it has an amusing token name for ’@’), and developed a music player called ‘Gryle’, I worked some more on refactoring MighTyD. I’m getting closer to actually being happy with the layout of the source; it needs some consolidation of exceptions, but soon I’ll be onto the bug-fixing part of the cycle.

While the weekend was great fun, I can’t afford to make a habit of screwing up my sleeping patterns. I’ll be limiting my attendance to normal hours, in future. No, really.

We ate at Varsity this afternoon – they do interesting ice-cream sandwiches, with chocolate-chip cookies making the ‘bread’. After some more time at DCS, I managed to tear myself away, and go home. Still, great weekend.

This evening, I cleaned the bathroom, including the really nasty shower curtain. I got thanks from my housemates (well, one of them). This is an interesting positive step, given the isolated social environment that currently exists in this house.

A lot happened this week; but I’m still reflecting upon it, so details can wait a bit. It’s a case of being quite busy, but not stressed – and it all begins again tomorrow at 9am. Still, I’m enjoying it, which makes a change – I’m more organised than I’ve been in a long time.

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