June 19, 2007

DebConf talks start

I haven’t been blogging as much the past few days, suggesting I’ve been busy. It certainly feels that way. DebCamp finished on Friday – the place has been noticably busier these past few days.

For Debian Day (Saturday), I sat on the front desk for twelve hours or so – it’s a cunning way to meet people, and I earned a free volunteer’s T-shirt for it all. The free T-shirt count is up to three, now – sponsor-tastic.

My blue hair is causing lots of people to speak to me, which is great. Some woman with a camera in Edinburgh took my photo, saying she was entering a competition run by the National Portrait Gallery. Outside the hacklab yesterday, someone random offered me the end of a cigarette, which my friends later informed me was probably a joint. Sadly, I’d already declined.

Sunday was the first day of DebConf proper – I went to a few of the talks. Mark Shuttleworth showed up – I’ve got photos of him talking to Sam Hocevar, but haven’t thought of a caption. (Aside: SELinux looks interesting.) In the evening, it was misty:

Edinburgh Castle

Today I slept all day, then made up for it by finally fixing the horrible pointer bug that I’d been worrying about for three weeks. Woo!

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  1. Jane

    Well, I think we would all like to see what you look like with your blue hair…so how about a photo?

    21 Jun 2007, 08:56

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