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January 26, 2007

Debian's mindshare

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In the comments on Luis Villa’s post about Red Hat’s mindshare, Luis says:

I think the best thing that could happen for Freeness is for Debian to replace gnewsense or gnubuntu or whatever the Free Ubuntu fork of the week is- take Freeness, run with it, and make it usable and powerful. Heh- maybe that could be a new motto for Debian desktop hackers, given where Ubuntu is trending on Freedom- ‘we are the Free Ubuntu’ :) (Seriously, that would be a bad motto, but it might not be a bad goal- to take back as much of Ubuntu’s desktop work as possible, to the point where no one is ever tempted to do a Free Ubuntu fork. The current situation, where Ubuntu is based on the utterly, pristinely free Debian, and yet people fork Ubuntu to make it free, is ridiculous.)

I am inclined to agree. The problem is, the gNewSense people can’t accept Debian while it has non-free firmware in the kernel, and endorses the ‘non-free’ repositories, however obliquely. Still, those hurdles should not be too large for Debian to overcome – it would be awesome to see them with the same level of desktop integration as Ubuntu. After all, without Debian, Ubuntu is nothing.

This blog is obsolete

From 20th August 2007, this blog is no longer being updated. For something more recent, please visit Tim Retout’s website.

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