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May 17, 2007

ircservices Debian packaging

Writing about web page

CompSoc uses IRC Services, but it’s not in Debian. I’m under the impression that migrating away from IRC Services to a different services implementation is slightly more work than just packaging IRC Services. It’s easy-peasy to change the IRC server we use, but migrating NickServ passwords just doesn’t sound like fun.

So, I filed an ITP – the best bit so far has been discovering that the md5 code was under a restrictive licence, and sending upstream a patch to use a different version. The author has now reworked it, so I’ve got to go off and test his. After that, I can put a package together, and use CompSoc as alpha-testers.

This blog is obsolete

From 20th August 2007, this blog is no longer being updated. For something more recent, please visit Tim Retout’s website.

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