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February 28, 2006


2 days:

1. Develop the graph (re add back in vehicles/sec? Wasnt that useful). Add output.

2. Develop Aggression

  • +-10% speed
  • +-10% headway
  • +-10% accel/dcel

3. Add crashes. Not sure what to do here. Will either have a billion crashes or none?!

4. If have time, add offramps. Although not sure how usefull to show traffic?

5. Tidal flow for on-ramps?

6. Presentation.

February 21, 2006

Linux is SHIT

To Fix:

Cannot change ents properties when sim is NOT running

Java messes up loading of blocked lanes

Lane closed panels needs updating when opened

February 18, 2006

Nearly Done

To Do:

Output from graph (csv?)
Standing Traffic (could leave out, not sure would be that useful)
Sort out simulation start/stop so can change ents whilst running, but not add/remove
Touch up dialogs

Problems I have had:

The backend is annoying, should have made addNext() addBack() etc incorporate adding the vehicle to the other itsself. Save on errors

Some issues with the backend, cars would drive over each other. Found to be beacuse i was using floats not doubles.

Issues with closed lanes – inserting elemetns into a linked list randomly was nasty!

February 02, 2006

Finished Backend

Ok finished backend is but still need to do:

MOBILE (lane changing)
Tweak to

  • keep to left
  • lorries not to use outside lane
  • appreciate pushy drivers (to move out the way)
  • onramps




  • "build mode"
  • Start/Stop
  • Reset/Scale/Move etc


  • Graph of system (Current & AVG)
  • save-to-file?


  • Vehicle – aggression, politeness, headway, spawn timing etc.

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