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August 11, 2006

That couple with the Greens

It seems that Nath' and I have developed a reputation in Canley Sainsburys amongst the staff as the couple that always comes in and buys piles of veg for their rabbits! I didn't think that popping in such a large store every few days and buying a pile of spring greens would get you noticed quite as much as it seems to have done …

Earlier this week Nathan's mother went into Sainsburys and was buying some items for their house rabbit, Harvey. She got chatting to the check–out girl about Harvey. She turned to Gaye and said "There's this young couple who are always coming in here and buying bags and bags of greens and other veg. All the staff have been talking about them. Turns out they buy it for their house rabbits." Nathan's mum replied that that would be her son they were thinking of!!!

I think we might have to change our spring green supplier and save our reputation. What really perplexes me though is the volume in which the supermarkets buy in spring greens. Does that mean that there are really people out there that buy them for anything other than rabbits!!! Surely people don't actually eat them?!

November 02, 2005

A bad mother … or a suicidal bunny?

For almost a week now I've been trying to work out – am I just a bad mother (of my bunnies, that is – heaven forbid having real children!) or do I have a suicidal rabbit? My friends tell me the former is most likely.

About a month ago Scotch (see my bunny photo – she's the one in the middle), the smallest and clumsiest of my three house-rabbits, fell 3/4 of the way down our stairs. She lay at the bottom of the stairs in a heap, unable to get up and gasping for air. In complete despair we frantically scooped her up into her carry-case and rushed her to the vets. The vet rushed out of an appointment to see her straight away, only for her to jump to her feet and start walking around as if nothing had happened.

Then, last week, I had to fly over to Belfast for work. Just after I landed, Nathan called to say that Scotch had bitten through the iron cable (whilst it was plugged in for he to iron a shirt). He said there was a flash, a very loud bang, and Scotch flying away from the bitten cable. So, off she went to the vet yet again. The damage? Two black front teeth and singed whiskers.

Now, are we just bad parents (and should therefore take this as a strong sign to never ever have real children), or do I have a suicidal bunny? Other than throwing herself down the stairs and electrocuting herself, she's a very happy, spoilt little bunny (with white teeth, again, I'm pleased to say). At the pub last night everyone insisted that I'm a bad mother. Cruel friends!

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