February 20, 2006

All is finally revealed…

Well, we kept you all waiting for long enough – and for those of you who weren't there last Monday, here's how the story unfolded…


While bidding on the legendary JCB, it becomes apparent that we're going head-to-head with a mother determined to have this hallowed piece of kit for her young one. Unfortunately for her, we've got a budget much bigger than hers, and every time she desperately attempts to up the ante by adding another quid to the kitty, we counter by lobbing in an extra fiver. Here Carts sniggers at yet another cheeky outbidding, because he's just a right bastard. Haha!

Victory!!! After a week's worth of hard graft we TAKE HER DOWN with just seconds left to go. Tarbs is, understandably, feeling somewhat elated having got so into it that he ostensibly turned into Ebeneezer Scrooge for 7 days straight. Respect.

- And it's on!!! Carts jumps for joy as he leaves Advance at the thought of being able to mount TOP BANANA'S GREATEST STUNT EVER

– A bridge too far?! This was the picture we were going to e-mail to the unfortunate parent whose birthday treat had just been wrecked in the name of good old-fashioned student-friendly entertainment…


Carter & Tarbs

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  1. Rowan Bomphray


    I was just wondering, as it clearly states on the sunion website, that maximo park won the midnight pounder by 5 votes, why it wasnt the midnight pounder…. confusing.

    If the polls secretly closed early, maybe it would be a good idea to announce that. I was very disappointed, as when I left my room to come to topB, it was leading, and I was well up for hearing it at midnight, only to leave topB slightly gutted.

    If something could be done about this, and it could definately be on the list for next week, maybe even with a head start.. for consolation, that would be great.

    would be good to hear back from you



    21 Feb 2006, 01:17

  2. Carter & Tarbs


    If that's the case, then our heartiest apologies are in order – the last chance we had to check the poll, Chumbawamba had a 20 vote lead and this kind of a margin usually means that a track has it in the bag. Maximo Park may have had a late surge, but as far as we're concerned, whoever's winning by 8:30pm has it, as obviously from that point on we're unable to see otherwise.

    We'll look into it though and definitely play it next week – watch this space for more info when we have it!

    21 Feb 2006, 01:43

  3. Rowan Bomphray


    Thanks for replying so quickly, apology accepted :)

    Here is the link to the polls page, think you may need to sign in though


    I guess it could be an idea to have someone report the results to you, via txt or whatnot, at 11.30? Or close polls early?

    I'm just being fussy, hehe.

    never mind.


    21 Feb 2006, 09:40

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