February 17, 2010

working in a team

Follow-up to p3– working in a team from Ton's blog

p3– working in a team

Good morning

My group's business project is going to have a presentation next week. I found that my group leader is quite dominating and does not listen to other people's viewpoints. Nevertheless, because of having such a strong leader, our project has progressed effectively and efficiently. We follow the task assigned by her, everyone complete their own taks on time. Even though I do not really feel a sense of ownership in the project - simply a follower, our project, at least, is completed on time. Nevertheless, I take initiative to create a website for our groups's presentation, following my own will.

January 24, 2010

p3– working in a team

I have had a business project that requires to work as a group for this term. Thus I am trying to apply my role as a shaper and monitor evaluator in this groupwork.
1/ I volunteered to take responsibility in tracking the progress of the group meetings.
2/ Doing the project-evaluation.
3/ Our group also takes the effort to do some ice-braking conversation and has a little chat after the meeting.
Hope this will have some positive contribution to the success of the project in the future

Interviews and Assessment Centres

I find this workshop is quite useful for my preparation of applying for the internship next year. This is my action points:

1/ after reading the comments of my partners, I discover a few pitfalls that i have in the interview such as inconfident, and speaking too soft..I must try to do more practices and minimise these shortcomings.

2/ learn to answer the interview questions in the STAR framework.

3/ get to know different resources that I can get information about job research, numeric test practice,...

An introduction of skills development

On 21/1/2010 i have attended the introduction of skills development workshop. During the workshop, i have realised my learning style - shortcomings as well as advantages- which is really useful and therefore come out with these action points

1/ do not get preoccupied with the details

2/ be patient with other's viewpoint - be considerate and open-minded.

3/focus my attention on the means,not the ends

4/eventhough i may work well alone, i must try to use friends and teachers as a valuable resource for my work.

December 04, 2009

P3–Working in a team porfolio

I have attended the workshop for Working in a team on 3rd Dec. During the workshop, I figure out that due to the time constraint, people do not really get to know each other and relationship has not been built up before getting together to complete an assigned task. That is a group , but not a team. Therefore it is really hard to build up the trust and to work together cooperatively and effectively. So learning from that lesson, I think I will make an effort to do some more icebreaking conversations. It may be wasteful in short-term, but in long-term I think it will be helpful. It is what stated in Tuckman's of group development - The Forming Stage.

Moreover I also discover what type of role I am most suitable in a group - as a Shaper and Monitor evaluator. So maybe, I will try to fulfil this role in my future group work and minimise my shortcomings as stated in the Belbin's team role descriptions.

Knowing different types of role in a team, I may be able to detect what type of personality and role that my teammates are, so I try to be more patience to their weakness, and to cooperate with them better and effectively.

Honestly I always train myself to be a good leader in a team, or in an organisation for the future career . After figuring out my suitable role in the team, I am quite disappointed. But anyway, I learn what qualities contribute to be good leader during the workshop. I would like to try to cultivate  these characteristics of a good leader such as communication skills, motivation, and self-belief.

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