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September 11, 2008

My own fault but… (plus a great LHC gag!)

I left my laptop at home today in the usual morning rush which means I am sat using a PC for the first time in ages.

How did Windows ever get to be the de facto standard OS for business. Just sat here and waited for ages for a bunch of stuff to start up, ignoring a multitude of pointless messages and warnings about stuff I either already knew or didn’t care about. Clunky, crappy and ugly. Why do we put up with it.


In other news – best LHC gag ever, from Radio 5:

“Typical, Man City become the biggest club in the world, sign the best players and some bloody scientists bring about the end of the Universe before we play our next match.”


November 23, 2007

creative spaces – working practices no.1

Something on my mind for a while has been the question of creative working spaces.

Students have the Learning Grid and Reinvention Centre.

Academics will shortly have the Teaching Grid .

Is there not a need for a similar space for administrators?

It would be interesting to trial a space for administrators to use for impromptu get togethers and creative play. Note that the coffee bar doesn’t really count for this, nor do meeting rooms as they aren’t really the best places for this sort of environment.

So, I have a proposition. As part of Warwick iCast there is an editing suite in the back of RSS in University House Annex. During term time it’s a bit busy but out of term time there is some capacity in it so here’s an invitation for a trial period. Any administrators who want to use the room to chuck ideas around can come and use the space to just do that.

Of course there are some ground rules.

1. You have to accept that there will be people doing editing in the corner – just ignore us as we will ignore you
2. No more than 4 people at once – otherwise things get too crowded
3. No senior administrators – i leave it to your discretion to decide if you fit that description
4. No meetings – really – if it looks like you’re having a meeting you will be asked to leave.
5. I reserve the right to shut the door if I really need to.

There’s a video camera and MP3 recorder if you want to record your thoughts. Bring your own coffee mugs though.

So if you want a bit of space to think about stuff with a colleague in a relaxed spot then please feel free to pop along. Part of the challenge will be to find it in the first place – but hey! look at it as a creative task!

Note that you need to give me a chance to tidy up first.

If this is interesting post a comment below. If I get a favourable response i’ll offically kick it off.

July 17, 2006

The Campaign Starts Here! No More Ties

Ok, so I haven't worn a tie for quite a while now, but I feel it is my duty to spearhead a campaign to consign this outdated item of clothing to the dustbin of history.

Seriously, what is the point of this strip of cloth other than to make you feel uncomfortable and dull.

I am not suggesting we let all hell break loose in the area of workplace clothing. However, why do male workers have to put up with such a nonsensical item of clothing when our female counterparts don't have to accomodate any equivalent.

So take up the call – no to ties!

Edit – I have retracted certain statements regarding business shorts. As John Dale points out – why not go the whole hog and go for business shorts as well. Let's make the work place a comfort place!

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