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May 26, 2006

Oh the Irony

Technorati turned this up today:

European Parliament Approves Ban on Spam

… European Parliament Approves Ban on Spam May 26th, 2006 European Parliament Approves Ban on Spam – May 04 12:59 PM The European Parliament has voted to ban the sending of unsolicited commercial e–mail. The new European directive should be in place some time next year and would mean that people will have to “opt in” or ask to …

Penis Enlargement Information

May 15, 2006

Skypecast attempt

Writing about web page

Tried my first skypecast on Friday evening. Interesting service that lets you set up teleconferences through a skype connection.

I connected to a US skypecast and the quality was pretty good – better than the old teleconferences I used to get on at Marconi anyway.

The associated Chat and control functions worked very well.

Unfortunately my Router kept dropping out so eventually I bailed out rather than annoy everyone with constant reconnections.

I am unsure if the drop–outs related to:

1. A crap router
2. My ISP going – oh, that's skype traffic – kill kill kill
3. The thunderstorm going overhead at the time

I will try again for the next call on friday and see if it is any better.

In the meantime I thought it was a pretty cool service. In my head I have an idea that we could trial:

1. Student Recruitment casts – open call to ask questions about UG/PG recruitment
2. Experts and Press Releases – schedule calls for journalists/other interested parties for relevant stories
3. Research–TV – get the academic online after a video is released to answer questions

Anyway, not sure if skype user numbers warrant further attention, would need to check demographic etc, but interesting none the less.

June 10, 2005

Why you shoud never piss off your designer…

Writing about web page

When your designer annoys you, don't piss them off – look what might happen.

May 24, 2005

spam and me

Just had some spam come to me via my normal email account and via the webeditor account I manage.

The one to me came as "Dear Mr Abbott", the one to the webeditor account was "Dear Mrs Webeditor".

Nice to know I am in touch with my female side, but never realised I was married.

May 05, 2005


Writing about web page

Interesting new application from 37Signals.

Backpackit allows you to keep an online record of things to do, set reminders, notes and store images and files. This can be shared or made public. It's a minime version of their Project management system Basecamp (which John Dale might know more about).

This could be a useful collaborative working tool – especially for situations where people are in different locations. As a private tool it may have no more use than a good notebook. The interface is pretty straightforward, though you have to pay for some of the more advanced features – such as image storage and files etc. This might keep ads away from the system, but may restrict uptake as the free capacity is pretty limited. The system also seems to pretty self contained. For example – the links utility only seems to allow links to other backpack pages – not links to external websites. this may be an 'advanced' feature but we will see.

Not sure if there is enough of a USP to make it a must use application though. Examples page has some interesting ideas on it, but these are all predicated on having the paid for version.

Something to play with further anyhoo. Might be a nice app to supplement WarwickBlogs – WarwickToDo.

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