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June 01, 2007

500 years of women in art

This is doing the rounds of various places at the moment – interesting to watch.

January 03, 2007

Saddam the execution – the official movie

It’s interesting how the scandal around the mobile phone video of the execution of Saddam Hussein really highlights the problems for those seeking to control communications and messages in the modern era.

On the day of the execution an official video was released of a calm and controlled scene, only to be followed a day later by a mobile phone video which contradicted the official version with shouts, taunts and a somewhat chaotic mood.

It’s a simple example of how difficult it is for organisations to manage the news in the way they used to and how much control has been lost.

Is this a good thing? It’s easy to argue that it’s always better to tell the truth in these matters, but Saddam is an interesting case here in that the former version of events was less likely to stir up trouble than the latter. Was the Iraqi government justified in trying to create an impression of calm in the interests of a broader peace when the alternative would have been to run the risk of greater conflict.

My own feeling is that you have to deal with the truth. This case demonstrates that you can’t hide reality anymore – trusting a PR person to manipulate a situation or manufacture a reality is a risky stratgey when every bystander has a mobile phone and news networks are desperate for footage. The exercise has been an absolute disaster for the Iraqi government and most likely for the US and British as well.

On top of the misdirection and communication failures of Abu Graib, the Mirror photos, warblogs and the weight of content on the web perhaps we need to start trying to deal with reality rather than struggling to create and control a fiction.

December 06, 2006

THis is really scary

Writing about web page

You’ll never watch that film in the same way again.

August 21, 2006

UK Govt enters YouTube

Well, isn't this interesting.

The UK Govt has started publishing short videos onto YouTube to promote certain intiatives – in this instance onw on 'Transformational Government' and another on department mergers.

Firstly, kudos to HM Gov for starting to use these tools. However, I would have to say that the videos seem to embody the same sort of crass self–promotion that you get with Party Political broadcasts.

The transformational government video seems to be the worst of these – considering the governments track record in implementing IT systems I would imagine most users look at this and think it's the worst kind of PR puffery. The video makes no attempt to tackle issues related to implementation, security etc etc and just jokes about without any substance.

Sharing the Leadership Challenge is much more interesting. More depth, insight and explanation. Doesn't treat the viewer as an idiot and tries to build a case and explain it. Perhaps the video could have been improved with more comment from doers rather than leaders. You can still dismiss it as propaganda but surely the point about services like YouTube is that you have a cracking right of reply mechanism. What will be interesting is whether the Public Sector Unions come back with an alternative view of TFL.

These are still early days in terms of the use of this channel, but you can start to see how organisations are going to jump in (I know we are planning stuff…) – but also how the channel users can quickly respond to communications with their own videos, comments and insight.

For your amusement here are the two vids, thanks to the power of BlogBuilder media tags – reproduced with absolutely no permission whatsoever:

July 21, 2006

Some numbers about online video

A few stats:

Youtube – 100 million downloads per day, 65,000 uploads per day, 20 million unique users per month (source)

On average, US consumers spent close to one hour per month viewing Internet video from work locations during March (source)

158 million broadband subscribers across OECD countries (source)

Some graphs from the OECD on Broadband connections

Overall Visits to Video Search Sites Up 164% (source)

Note that the above source has some interesting stats on average visit length for main video aggregators

"24 percent of internet users access video at least once a week, while 46 percent watch video at least once a month. News leads the way in frequency of viewing, with 27 percent of online video viewers watching at least once a week, followed closely by funny videos (26 percent watch at least once a week). Not surprisingly, online video viewing is very common at home (39 percent of those with home internet access watch at least once a week) compared to 19 percent of those who watch at least once a week at work." (source)

May 05, 2006

More free video

Writing about from Autology: John Dale's blog

following up from John's reference here is a new slightly (read 'a lot') more legal service just launched by CBS.

Starts with a pretty cool vid of Pearl Jam's special gig on the Letterman show.

April 10, 2006

Do you own a video iPod (or similar?)

I see a lot of iPods and other players around campus. As producer of Warwick Podcasts I would be interested to know how many people have video versions of these. We could quite easily start producing video content as well, but is the effort worth it?

So the question is – do you own a Video iPod (or psp, or other mobile video device)?


Are you likely to buy one in the next 6 months/year?

BTW - There is no prize attached to this question!

November 18, 2005

Resolving the Blinkx thing

Follow-up to Trying to get a response from Blinkx from Contemplating the Frame

Suranga, co-founder of Blinkx, called last night, acknowledging the misunderstanding and promising to resolve the issues raised.

There remains the option for the University to consider submitting our 'University' content and I suspect that we may well explore this. At least WarwickTV will also get proper recognition now.

So that's that then.

As Kieran mentions – it's a good idea to monitor what people say about you out there. Kieran mentions Google, it's also a good idea to watch Technorati and other blog search tools. It might also be wise for some of our more renowned staff (and students?) to see what people say about them on Wikipedia – often a source of misconception, misunderstanding and general errors.

November 17, 2005

Trying to get a response from Blinkx

Writing about Warwick media on blinkx? from Kieran's blog


having seen Kieran's post I thought it would be worth chasing this with Blinkx as they clearly aren't doing what they say in the Press Release – i.e. presenting academic content from the University of Warwick.

Interestingly the only phone number you can get on the website is for their PR Agency.

I spoke to WarwickTV who confirmed that they had spoken to Blinkx but were rather surprised to see their content presented in such a context, espcially as it suggested their stuff was University of Warwick content, not WarwickTV.

The PR Agency have been pretty helpful and after chasing this acknowleged the mistake and have promised to remove the reference from the Press Release – so good for them.

I await a phone call from Blinkx themselves to clarify their end of the situation.

The thing is, Blinkx obviously indexed this stuff without understanding who they were dealing with or the nature of the content they were indexing and then presenting as serious academic debate. Whether they rushed this out without checking, I don't know.

The silly thing is, if Blinkx wanted to index Warwick content we could probably easily come to an agreement over the new podcasts and other material. And no doubt WarwickTV would like to be properly represented as well.

I also wonder what impact this might have on the University Channel itself, whether Blinkx in not adequately checking the content might be at risk of undermining the project.

In a slight aside, i note that one of the cofounders of Blinkx, Suranga Chandratillake, worked for netdecisions – a company I had dealings with at Marconi. Small world huh!

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