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May 02, 2007

Horizon – what a great programme

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Did you catch Horizon last night – that’s great science telly for you.

It told the story of the Large Hadron Collider and how it relates to the fundamental building blocks of the universe.

Beautifully put together it was one of those programmes that makes you sit back and go, wow. Brian Cox might be my new favourite academic celebrity!

Oh for the budget, time and access to seriously huge bits of machinery…

BTW – Seed magazine ran a nice short film about the same thing, also featuring the eponymous Mr Cox –

September 20, 2006

What would you sing on X Factor

I was musing on the way in this morning about why you tend to hear the same old guff on X-Factor week in week out.

I mean, in the 40 minutes I travelled to work this morning my iPod served up a wide selection of genres, artists and songs – we have a huge cultural legacy of music to draw on yet you just get people standing up and churning out Mariah Blarey or R ‘not suspicious in any way’ Kelly.

Besides, it’s noticable that the singers who step away from the norm seem to do better.

So, in the tradition of Warwick Blogs – what would you sing if you went on X Factor to impress the judges?

My choices would be:

1. John Cage – 4’33” – the perfect choice to show off my musical talents
2. Nick Cave – Staggerlee – one of the most violent nasty songs I’ve ever listened to
3. Julian Cope – Mik Mak Mok – gibberish, thus perfect for X Factor!

July 20, 2006

Sarah Beeny and her amazing elastic pregnancy

I find Sarah Beeny's pregnancies very odd.

Apart from the fact that she seems to be fertilised simply by being on telly (seriously – have you ever seen a series where she hasn't been pregnant at some point? I think medically it's called the Davina McCall syndrome.) her pregnancy seems to expand and contract within the programme.

For example, last night she seemed to be more pregnant half way through than at the end!

Kind of gives away the programme editors art a little don't you think.

October 10, 2005

Gus Honeybun's Magic Birthdays

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Wow, caught some of Test the Nation on saturday and who should turn up but Judi Spires.

Now this may not mean much to many people here, but Judy Spires loomed large in my childhood as one of the presenters of Gus Honeybuns Magic Birthdays – a show on South West television.

Now, Gus Honeybun was the big cheese for the under 7s in Devon and Cornwall in the late 70s early 80s. It was a 5 minute filler programme where a local newsreader shared the screen with a crappy puppet (Gus himself no less) and read out birthday wishes to excited under 5s. Gus would then hop up and down or alternatively would headbutt one of three levers in front of him to change the background screen to some whacked out visual.

I have memories of Judi breaking down with laughter at the absurdity of all of this, but most of all I remember kiddies parties where we all dutifully sat round the telly to hear the birthday boy/girl's name read out and watch GH do his epileptic thing.

Trust me, you can keep your bike, the real thing we all wanted was the love of a psyched out stuffed rabbit on local telly.

There was one time when we sat to watch the programme at a party of a friend who had sent some chocolates with the card as a gift to GH. Dear Judi read the card and then pronounced that the enclosed sweets had been crushed and/or melted in the post. Way to let us down gently! There were tears that day.

So it's nice to see Judi has done well for herself, despite the early experiences. Shame GH seems to have been sent to the Plymouth televisual archive. There aren't enough badly made, slightly scary, children's puppets on tv these days…

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