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October 28, 2008

Little gems around the place

Writing about web page

Thanks to the impending iTunes U thingy I’ve been trawling the nether regions of the Warwick website uncovering interesting audio and video files that have been published in academic departments. It’s largely interesting stuff but some of it is genuinely exciting. I won’t reference the stuff on Perspectives on the War on Terror as I knew about this one a long time ago ( you should go listen – it’s all in the Law site). However, I uncovered this on the Knowledge-sharing Communities and Networks site and it’s fascinating stuff:

Larry Prusak is a globally recognised authority in the field of knowledge management . He received the Lewin Award from Organization Science and Work Frontiers International has named him as one of the ten most admired knowledge leaders in the world. His books include Working Knowledge. See below for an audio recording of the talk.

It roves all over the shop but there are so many interesting ideas and perspectives that it is a great listen.

December 05, 2007

Just who is Dylan Owen?

Writing about web page

Anyone who has listned to some of the recent podcasts would have heard me attribute music to Dylan Owen.

Dylan is my Uncle and I’ve been borrowing some nice instrumentals from him for the podcasts. He’s long established on the music scene in the North West and you can check out stuff his MySpace page above. He doesn’t just do guitar noodling but he’s a great singer songwriter.

Since he’s been lending me tracks it’s probably worth me pimping some more of his stuff.

So, here are a few personal favourites – info on CD’s and gigs can be found at

The Lager Lout and the Sociologist:

Clever Car Mechanic:

Bengie Dog:

July 02, 2007


Writing about web page

I don’t often do this but here’s a little plea for some assistance.

It’s Podcast Awards time and it would be just fab if a few people felt the urge to nominate Warwick Podcasts in the Education category.

Only if you want to, of course…

Go on, make my day and THANKS in advance.

June 15, 2007

And straight in at number 25 (or number 3 depending on the list)

Writing about web page

Why Beauty is Truth is currently hovering around the number 3 slot in the HE podcast iTunes chart and the number 25 slot on the Education charts. This is the first time we’ve broken into the top 25 of the Education charts – so kudos to Ian Stewart there.

I used to hate the whole notion of league tables, but now I am obsessed with that particular one.

Now I know how the Sugababes feel!

June 08, 2007

In praise of second place

Writing about web page

So, we went to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations annual awards dinner last night. Warwick Podcasts, having won the Gold at the regional awards, was up for a gong in the Best Use of New Media blah blah blah.

We got Highly Recommended – which is pretty much 2nd place. Now, considering the 13,000 overall entries that’s not too shabby.

So I am now in possession of a shiny certificate which we can hang up on one of the non-existent walls in the communications office.

BTW – we were beaten by a goat in deely boppers. Happens to me all the time.

May 21, 2007

Will@Warwick – new Shakespeare podcast

Writing about web page

Following on from the History of Symmetry comes the other podcast project I have been working on – Will@Warwick. This is a podcast drawing on Shakespeare research from across the University, bringing in insights from other experts and hopefully providing interesting insights into the works.

The first episode revisits the interview with Jonathan Bate on the Complete Works and also features an interview by Dominic Dean with the American artist Greg Wyatt who is the sculptor responsible for the statues in the New Place garden in Stratford upon Avon.

Future episodes will feature:

Lenny Henry and Barrie Rutter on Othello
Producing Shakespeare for the German theatre
Peter Kirwan on bardathon
Self-help and Shakespeare

And much much more!

February 12, 2007

Warwick Podcasts – that's 'The Award Winning Warwick Podcasts'

Writing about web page

Following on from the 05/06 win for Warwick Blogs I am pleased as punch that Warwick Podcasts has now been awarded a gong in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide Awards 2006/07 for use of Photography, Design or New Media.

Unfortunatley due to adverse weather condition we didn’t get to the awards ceremony on Friday so only found out this morning. As such I would like to say my thanks here:

Thanks to all the academics and others who have taken part in the podcasts – it’s been a genuinely fascinating project and I have enjoyed learning about such a wide range of subjects.

Also, thanks to all the people listening to Warwick Podcasts, especially those who have taken the trouble to email me to give feedback and support.

And a big thanks to eLab and in particular messers Chris May and Mat Mannion, the former for not telling me to go away when intially discussing the idea and coming up with a great publishing tool, and the latter for keeping said publishing tool going and being a great advocate for the service.

Here’s to 07/08!

November 09, 2006

12 months of Warwick Podcasts

Writing about web page

Today marks the 1st anniversary of Warwick Podcasts. We’ve been doing these for a whole year as of today and I have to say that I have never been involved in a more interesting project.

Apart from the fact that I am pretty chuffed with the things, it has been a great opportunity to meet some of the best academics and researchers we have at Warwick to explore some of the big issues of our age. I have been impressed with the enthusiasm with which people have approached my requests to borrow their brains for half an hour and I hope that everyone involved has thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We have nearly 50 podcasts available now and I am keen to push further with this project, what with video now part of the picture too. I think that they have been a valuble addition to the communications tools we use and it would be good to look at involving a broader range of people from the University. I also think we should look to do some themed podcasts that build into a series.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions now is a good time to mention them.

September 06, 2006

Warwick Podcasts Award Nomination

Writing about web page

Go Us!

Following on from WarwickBlogs success in the regional CIPR awards last year we follow up with a nomination for Warwick Podcasts.

This is great recognition for the project and comes at an exciting time for us, what with the launch of iCast.

When I think about the things that have been implemented in the last 12-18 months here – WarwickBlogs, Warwick Podcasts, iCast, the eLearning and research technology stuff going on in eLab, Sitebuilder2 and even the MySpace stuff Ellie is working on – it makes me pretty excited about the way we handle this sort of thing at Warwick.

August 21, 2006

eep – something odd going on with Warwick Podcast

I've noticed some odd behaviour with Warwick Podcasts that may need some further explanation.

Certain podcasts seem to have received very large traffic with a massive spike between the 11th and 15th Augustwith three podcasts getting an awful lot of traffic:

Muslims in Prison: 513
Sleep and Obesity: 1368 – I kind of understand this one
Oil Prices: 3469

the next highest number of downloads for the period is 62, which is why these numbers seem a bit odd to me.

The stats tool isn't giving me any useful info as to where the traffic is coming from, so I remain a bit bemused by the high numbers.

Not that I am complaining of course – the more the merrier after all.

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