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June 08, 2007

Your gig is cancelled

Writing about web page

This story appeals to me in a funny way – how Glasgow City council are fighting flyposters by adding a cancelled sticker to offending posters. What a great creative idea.

January 03, 2007

Saddam the execution – the official movie

It’s interesting how the scandal around the mobile phone video of the execution of Saddam Hussein really highlights the problems for those seeking to control communications and messages in the modern era.

On the day of the execution an official video was released of a calm and controlled scene, only to be followed a day later by a mobile phone video which contradicted the official version with shouts, taunts and a somewhat chaotic mood.

It’s a simple example of how difficult it is for organisations to manage the news in the way they used to and how much control has been lost.

Is this a good thing? It’s easy to argue that it’s always better to tell the truth in these matters, but Saddam is an interesting case here in that the former version of events was less likely to stir up trouble than the latter. Was the Iraqi government justified in trying to create an impression of calm in the interests of a broader peace when the alternative would have been to run the risk of greater conflict.

My own feeling is that you have to deal with the truth. This case demonstrates that you can’t hide reality anymore – trusting a PR person to manipulate a situation or manufacture a reality is a risky stratgey when every bystander has a mobile phone and news networks are desperate for footage. The exercise has been an absolute disaster for the Iraqi government and most likely for the US and British as well.

On top of the misdirection and communication failures of Abu Graib, the Mirror photos, warblogs and the weight of content on the web perhaps we need to start trying to deal with reality rather than struggling to create and control a fiction.

November 24, 2005

Advancing up the curve

Follow-up to The Podcast learning curve from Contemplating the Frame

Latest podcast – link

I hope that the sound level is a bit better on the latest release – I played with the file in Audacity before encoding and this should have bumped up the volume. There may be additional distortion on the file, but hopefully this is minimal.

In other news, this was the first interview I have done for this rather than Richard Fern, the voice on the other two. Wow – was this an eye opener. I could not beileve the number of times I said:

  • "Ummm"
  • "Sort of"
  • "Kind of"
  • "I mean"

and the reappearance of a slight Bristol accent at points.

Most of the editing was removing my stumbling questioning – Daničle Joly was great!

Also, we are now listed in iTunes – search on Warwick and you will find us!

As this is the first non-science based release, I hope that people find it interesting.

I cannot confirm rumours that there will be a blooper reel for christmas…

November 18, 2005

The Podcast learning curve

Writing about web page

So you may have noticed a few blog entries about University podcasts. This is a new thing we are exploring and I wouldn't mind getting a bit of feedback on whether people think this is interesting, useful or any other comments. I know we've only done two, but any initial thoughts appreciated.

I am aware that there may be a few technical issues to be resolved (stero/mono gah!) – we're on a learning curve here, but I would hope that these get ironed out soon enough.

Also, I would like to add a directory of other podcasts/vodcasts being produced around the Uni. I think RAW are doing something, as are the BrassSoc – is anyone else creating these and would like to be listed?

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