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November 18, 2005

Resolving the Blinkx thing

Follow-up to Trying to get a response from Blinkx from Contemplating the Frame

Suranga, co-founder of Blinkx, called last night, acknowledging the misunderstanding and promising to resolve the issues raised.

There remains the option for the University to consider submitting our 'University' content and I suspect that we may well explore this. At least WarwickTV will also get proper recognition now.

So that's that then.

As Kieran mentions – it's a good idea to monitor what people say about you out there. Kieran mentions Google, it's also a good idea to watch Technorati and other blog search tools. It might also be wise for some of our more renowned staff (and students?) to see what people say about them on Wikipedia – often a source of misconception, misunderstanding and general errors.

November 17, 2005

Trying to get a response from Blinkx

Writing about Warwick media on blinkx? from Kieran's blog


having seen Kieran's post I thought it would be worth chasing this with Blinkx as they clearly aren't doing what they say in the Press Release – i.e. presenting academic content from the University of Warwick.

Interestingly the only phone number you can get on the website is for their PR Agency.

I spoke to WarwickTV who confirmed that they had spoken to Blinkx but were rather surprised to see their content presented in such a context, espcially as it suggested their stuff was University of Warwick content, not WarwickTV.

The PR Agency have been pretty helpful and after chasing this acknowleged the mistake and have promised to remove the reference from the Press Release – so good for them.

I await a phone call from Blinkx themselves to clarify their end of the situation.

The thing is, Blinkx obviously indexed this stuff without understanding who they were dealing with or the nature of the content they were indexing and then presenting as serious academic debate. Whether they rushed this out without checking, I don't know.

The silly thing is, if Blinkx wanted to index Warwick content we could probably easily come to an agreement over the new podcasts and other material. And no doubt WarwickTV would like to be properly represented as well.

I also wonder what impact this might have on the University Channel itself, whether Blinkx in not adequately checking the content might be at risk of undermining the project.

In a slight aside, i note that one of the cofounders of Blinkx, Suranga Chandratillake, worked for netdecisions – a company I had dealings with at Marconi. Small world huh!

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