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December 11, 2006

Wii – just how damn good is this thing

Got the Wii going on Friday and have been dipping in and out over the weekend. Note that unlike other Warwick Bloggers and being married/over the age of 30 I have not been able to spend every waking minute on the thing – I had to polish the floors you know… :-(

Anyway, it’s immediately obvious just how good this thing is. Apart from the fact that the controller is simply fantastic to use and just works, damn it, the ease with which non-gamers picked up the technique and got right into the games was great. It’s just what Nintendo had in mind – opening up gaming to non-hardcore gamers. I think my dad will love it.

Both Steph and I ended up wacking tennis balls as if we were on a real court – you can’t stop yourself literally throwing yourself into the games.

The Wii looks like it will become a staple part of vaguely drunken evenings for years to come – hooray!

In other news, just how much did Nicole Cooke have a chip on her shoulder – during the interview with Adrian Childs on Sports Personality it seemed she had the usual cyclist angst about ‘why does no-one appreciate how tough our sport is’. To do what she has done is bloody tough and you should ready Lance Armstrongs books to get an idea of just how hard winning major cycling races is. There just seems to be a bit of an inferiority complex – why?

December 08, 2006

Ho Ho Ho!

In a moment of weakness (ie drunk) I agreed to be Santa at a Children’s party in a few weeks time.

This is me testing the outfit. Ho Ho Ho everybody!


£10 from Woolies – Bargain!

December 06, 2006

THis is really scary

Writing about web page

You’ll never watch that film in the same way again.

December 01, 2006

Threshers worried about email offer

Writing about web page

Here’s an interesting piece from the BBC about the impact on Threshers of the recent viral email with the 40% off voucher.

“It was never intended to get this big,” a company spokesperson said.

The company admits it is slightly concerned about the popularity of the offer.

“We are waiting with bated breath… Early next week, we should get the figures for what level of business we have seen this week and over the weekend,” the spokesperson added.

“This is a better offer than normal and it could end up hitting our profit margins.”

Interestingly a spokesperson for Stormhoek said:

“What has taken us by surprise is the scale of consumers talking to each other and passing it on to the next person,”

Hmmm – now, I happen to know that Stormhoek know quite a lot about marketing (do a search on technorati for them) – they’ve done a lot of work with bloggers and so on, so I might consider taking that with a pinch of salt.

What might be amusing here is that often you hear wine makers complaining that Off Licence special offers cripple them as they have to sell wine at very low margins in order to allow consumers to enjoy 2for1 offers – here we might have an example of an off licence being screwed by a supplier.

I also, however, don’t believe that Threshers weren’t fully aware of the potential for this campaign. I have received the voucher 3 or 4 times. Pity Threshers has very little I would choose to drink. Shit wine is shit wine whether you pay 100% or 60%.

On another matter related to threshers I have to say something about Gordon Ramsey. I used to have much respect for the man, but have struggled of late as he has pimped his arse all over. The end came for me when his mug was plastered all over the windows of Threshers and related businesses. This is the man who publically stated something along the lines of – I know nothing about wine, I don’t care if someone pays £3000 on some bottle of crap….

and so on.

The man may be ensuring his pension, but his reputation is being tarnished. Threshers, I mean come on Gordon!

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