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November 29, 2007

Corporate videos don't all suck you know…

Just lovely in lots of ways.

November 28, 2007

Writers at Warwick

Writing about web page

We’ve started to publically release the new Writers at Warwick podcast series today with the first two recordings, noted children’s author Jacqueline Wilson and the acclaimed writer Jim Crace.

I really like these recordings (if I do say so myself) and hope you find them fun. I hope to get more of these up shortly once I work my way through 3-4 hours of poetry…

Whilst there is no particular feedback request in these any comments would be great.

November 23, 2007

creative spaces – working practices no.1

Something on my mind for a while has been the question of creative working spaces.

Students have the Learning Grid and Reinvention Centre.

Academics will shortly have the Teaching Grid .

Is there not a need for a similar space for administrators?

It would be interesting to trial a space for administrators to use for impromptu get togethers and creative play. Note that the coffee bar doesn’t really count for this, nor do meeting rooms as they aren’t really the best places for this sort of environment.

So, I have a proposition. As part of Warwick iCast there is an editing suite in the back of RSS in University House Annex. During term time it’s a bit busy but out of term time there is some capacity in it so here’s an invitation for a trial period. Any administrators who want to use the room to chuck ideas around can come and use the space to just do that.

Of course there are some ground rules.

1. You have to accept that there will be people doing editing in the corner – just ignore us as we will ignore you
2. No more than 4 people at once – otherwise things get too crowded
3. No senior administrators – i leave it to your discretion to decide if you fit that description
4. No meetings – really – if it looks like you’re having a meeting you will be asked to leave.
5. I reserve the right to shut the door if I really need to.

There’s a video camera and MP3 recorder if you want to record your thoughts. Bring your own coffee mugs though.

So if you want a bit of space to think about stuff with a colleague in a relaxed spot then please feel free to pop along. Part of the challenge will be to find it in the first place – but hey! look at it as a creative task!

Note that you need to give me a chance to tidy up first.

If this is interesting post a comment below. If I get a favourable response i’ll offically kick it off.

November 21, 2007

Why no hate in Web2.0?

I’ve been recording sessions from the What’s IT all about day today and was very interested in the presentation by Roo Reynolds on metaverses and 3d worlds. All good stuff but I was struck by the relationship diagram that he put up which was a fairly standard affair showing you >> your immediate friends >> your colleagues >> everybody else in concentric circles of connection.

In fact – here it is:

Relationship diagram

Slide is taken from Roo Reynolds’ presentation so be nice to it.

Now, i’ve seen this sort of slide many many times and the following thought struck me:

When talking about Web 2.0 and social media within enterprises presenters only ever map positive relationships – your friends, colleagues and customers.

Nobody ever (to my knowledge) maps negative relationships – enemies, people you don’t like, blockers and naysayers.

And that got me thinking – many advocates and evangelists for this technology map models where workplaces are essentially positive, collaborative and co-operative spaces and I would hazard a guess that many many organisations and teams are just not like that. So, therefore, what is the implication and impact of negative relationships on the dynamic of social networking tools in both the workplace and between organisations and customers.

For example, how does the fact that I don’t get on with X affect my relationship with Y, and does this situation create a tension when trying to achieve objective A and is this tension negated or amplified by the presence of social media tools.

I am trying to work out whether this positive view is something inherent in a certain sort of IT company / silicon valley start up and it’s just not the done thing to plan for bad relationships or whether there is a method of mapping these into the model that allows for the creative management of such tensions.

Anyway, the upshot is that I would be interested to know whether anyone has had a go at expanding this essentially positive view to accommodate the opposing experience.

Hopefully we will have Roo’s presentation up as a podcast shortly – it’s a good listen.

November 19, 2007

Shooting stuff with different things

Follow-up to Shooting stuff from Contemplating the Frame

Saturday morning was interesting as I got to try a number of different bows on the field archery beginners course.

Started with the normal recurve bow I’ve been using for the last few weeks, but using a few new tricks and techniques.

We then tried a traditional flatbow which was very different and a lot harder to get on target, though I didn’t do too badly.

I then got to use a 50lb longbow – about as basic as you can get. Very interesting to shoot with. The draw was quite tough but not too difficult and I managed to get 4 arrows to hit the target from 30 yds so not bad there. 100 arrows later no doubt my arm would be dead but it was fun.

Finally I tried a compound bow of a similar draw to the longbow. Just not as interesting to shoot really and you feel less involved in what you are doing.

At the moment I will stick to the 30lb recurve as I feel most comfortable with it, but I have to say if I decide to try others more regularly it will be in the longbow/flatbow direction rather than the compound.

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