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September 20, 2006

What would you sing on X Factor

I was musing on the way in this morning about why you tend to hear the same old guff on X-Factor week in week out.

I mean, in the 40 minutes I travelled to work this morning my iPod served up a wide selection of genres, artists and songs – we have a huge cultural legacy of music to draw on yet you just get people standing up and churning out Mariah Blarey or R ‘not suspicious in any way’ Kelly.

Besides, it’s noticable that the singers who step away from the norm seem to do better.

So, in the tradition of Warwick Blogs – what would you sing if you went on X Factor to impress the judges?

My choices would be:

1. John Cage – 4’33” – the perfect choice to show off my musical talents
2. Nick Cave – Staggerlee – one of the most violent nasty songs I’ve ever listened to
3. Julian Cope – Mik Mak Mok – gibberish, thus perfect for X Factor!

September 14, 2006

Yay Meat!

My birthday present from my dad showed up at Uni House today – a box’o’meat, specifically:

A pheasant
Some Wild Boar
Some Venison Steaks

I would link to the company website, but their URL is not resolving.

Anyway, I now have bambi in a box by my desk and look forward to eating them at some later point.

Go Meat!

September 12, 2006

New Bike

The bike I bought from Chris May last year has finally died. It needed a bit of work doing which got more complicated to the point where repairs were getting a bit expensive really, so took the plunge and bought one of these:

Went for a 30 mile circuit yesterday and the bike is great – very stable and quick, though the setup still needs some adjustment to get the gearing spot on.

Hope I get a lot of mileage in before winter really kicks in.

September 06, 2006

Plum Sauce

Our neighbour gave us a big bag of plums from their tree. Unsure about what to do with them I decided to cook up some plum sauce to go with duck. A Gary Rhodes recipie was the base which I adpated based on what was in the kitchen:

Malt Vinegar
Demerara Sugar
Dash of Port
Star Anise
Coriander seeds
Stick of cinnamon

Worked out very well and I now have a jar of delicious plum sauce that will last a very long time according to Mr Rhodes. Excellent.

I will be making some more from the rest of the plums.

Warwick Podcasts Award Nomination

Writing about web page

Go Us!

Following on from WarwickBlogs success in the regional CIPR awards last year we follow up with a nomination for Warwick Podcasts.

This is great recognition for the project and comes at an exciting time for us, what with the launch of iCast.

When I think about the things that have been implemented in the last 12-18 months here – WarwickBlogs, Warwick Podcasts, iCast, the eLearning and research technology stuff going on in eLab, Sitebuilder2 and even the MySpace stuff Ellie is working on – it makes me pretty excited about the way we handle this sort of thing at Warwick.

September 04, 2006

Free food for everyone!

For the last two weekends I have been out picking blackberries around our village – there are a hell of a lot this year and we have had no problem stocking up with all this free food. I look forward to a winter of blackberry crumble, tarts, cheesecakes and jam. I think there are another good 3-4 weeks of fruit to come.

Also, the veg patch is reaching it’s peak. We have cabbages a-plenty – they survived the relentless attack of butterflies which has pleased me a lot. The beans are ok, but were better last year. Courgettes are producing well and the tomatoes are not bad. Even the leeks are looking pretty good – I look forward to Feb/March when I can eat those.

Best of all are the Butternut Squashes – we have two baby squashes already ripening and plenty of flowers which should also become fruit. I’ll be chuffed as can be if these come off.

Anyway – the point of all of this is all of this comes for bugger all money – the cost of some seeds and a bit of hard work – less than that for the blackberries of course. What bugged me about this post was the idea that gardens were wasteful and bad. Rubbish – one of the key reasons we are/were a nation of gardeners was that gardens were a way of producing cheap, healthy food. Whether you had a small garden or an allotment, for many working people it was how you supplemented your family’s food in a cheap way.

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