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August 28, 2008

BBC numbers on the Olympics online

Writing about web page

Ok – I’m a few days late with this but a first birthday kind of takes over…

I’ve been wondering about the BBC traffic for online video over the period of the Olympics – I know there are more important things to worry about but I was working on the assumption that this would be one of those tipping point events in the history of online video in the UK. I was pleased then at this post from the BBC on how they’d done up to the 22nd August:

In Athens, we served about 2.5m video plays for the entire event. For the Beijing Olympics so far, we have served nearly 40m sport video streams via the web – and the games are not over yet, with a few big events still to come.

We have at times been serving nearly 200,000 concurrent streams including live video and video on-demand. Individual clips have regularly reached over 500,000. Over 6.5m hours of Olympics watched so far. Up to 5.5m Olympics videos watched each day, averaging just under 3m.

And this is just on the Sport site on the web – not to mention BBC iPlayer, interactive TV and mobile platforms.

Those numbers are pretty impressive, no doubt helped by the number of people watching at work! Having said that live connections alone don’t account for the volume so this probably reinforces the shift to TV when I want it / catch up TV – i.e. I’ll manage my viewing so I can better organise my time. Plus of course the fact that we are all asleep when things kick off in China!

I’d be very very interested to see a comparison to the viewer figure stats for the normal broadcast service.

August 25, 2008

The most sensible man in the universe?

Who better to puncture the ridiculous pomposity of Rogge (Bolt doesn’t behave like a champion? Pillock).

“the French looked at the dining table and saw an opportunity for dinner. The English looked at the dinner table and saw an opportunity to play wiff waff (ping pong)”

Still wouldn’t want to live under his watch though…

August 20, 2008

The most sensible man in the world

Watching the Olympics one can’t but help being left with the idea that Michael Johnson is one of the most sensible people in the world. I can’t remember ever hearing anything dumb, or irrelevant coming out of his mouth. Plus he seems to be one of the most honest assessors of performance out there – about as unbiased as it is possible to be.

August 04, 2008

Improving the image or the reality

Writing about web page

There are a number of construction sites I now pass on the way to work where I see the above banner displayed. Now, having checked out the organisation website I have to say up front that the basic principles are sound and good luck to the collective elbow.

However, I have a big problem that irks me everytime I see that slogan:

“Improving the IMAGE of Construction” (my emphasis)

This seems like a really odd thing to say and a little Old Skool PR to my mind. Never mind about the reality, let’s just improve the image.

Surely a much better slogan and objective should be

“Improving Construction”

Apart from the fact that it’s shorter conciseness fans, it is also connects the objectives of the organisation more directly to the reality of construction rather than some notion of how the industry is perceived.

The first option says ‘We don’t care how we actually behave as long as you think we are good’.

The second say ‘We care about how construction actually happens.’

Now, PR is obviously a lot more complicated than that in that many theorists argue that image is a construct of an individuals’ interactions with the products, messages and (most importantly and becoming ever more so) the behaviour of the organisation and employees. So in that nuanced context the slogan may be spot on.

Those sort of subtle contexts are, however, difficult to get on a banner though.

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