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July 29, 2005

this just does not seem right

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I've checked this in photoshop and it comes out the same – still can't get it

Proud Galleries

Writing about web page

Some really interesting photo collections here – the interface to view is a bit annoying, but worth persisting with.

The two Kevin Cummins galleries are excellent and the Living the Moment exhibition looks very interesting. Shame the images aren't a bit larger, but then copyright issues blah blah blah…

July 28, 2005

Kryptonite locks – a year on

Writing about web page

Anybody following the debate about PR and the blogosphere can't help but have noticed the case of the Kryptonote bike locks. The company became the centre of a blog swarm after a video was posted to the web showing how to open one of their more expensive locks with a bic pen.

A lot of blog posts have been made about the issue with much written about the companies failure to engage with the blogging community and thus perpetuating the crisis.

Naked Conversations is carrying a very interesting post and comments thread about the kryptonite case study including an interview with the company's head of PR, Donna M. Tocci. The discussion in the comments raises some interesting debates:

1. The role and status of PR as a profession and the need for transparency in the execution of its activities
2. The approach companies need to take when speaking to a) It's customers, b) the blogosphere, c) traditional media
3. Balancing the management of a crisis and developing effective repsonses and how much of that you communicate and when
4. The potential of the blogosphere to perpetuate misunderstanding and rumour

I think what is interesting about the interview is the tension the company faced between communicating to paying customers and communicating to bloggers – who are not necessarily one and the same thing. There is also a tension between the demand for information from the blogosphere and the company's ability to actually provide an answer that was achievable or manageable. Issues management theory suggests that the best approach is to keep communicating, so perhaps the say nothing until we are ready approach was misguided.

July 27, 2005

iPod randomness

The nice thing about having loaded a bunch of CDs onto my recently acquired iPod is its tendancy to throw up stuff I haven't listened to for a long while.

For example – I rarely get a chance to pull out my Gorky's Zygotic Mynki CD - but the iPod just played Pen Gwag Glas from Barafundle – a great song for the end of the day.

Not just a great song, but how damn good does welsh sound in song. It really is a beautiful language. I always feel slightly amazed that my Gran didn't speak English until her secondary education. She still uses welsh for speaking to her sister. I always recall her lovely comment that of course the bible was a lot better in welsh! I can just picture the wise men sitting about in the middle east…

"So Dafyd – what did you bring boyo?"
"Well Rhys – I've got these lovely spoons and some slate, do you think that will do it?

July 26, 2005

Today's theme – broken cars

Writing about Expensive holiday from Katy's blog

Broken cars seem to be the order of the day.

Yesterday my car had what can only be described as a smokers cough in the morning – wheezed itself into life with a weary kind of mood. So I thought "that doesn't sound too good". It repeated itself in the evening on the way home so I resolved to head to the garage this lunchtime and get it looked at (i suspected either a dying battery, spark plugs or alternator).

Unfortunately the thing wouldn't start at all this morning – the dying battery had become a dead battery (it's not dead – it's pining for the …. (insert end to gag here!)).

The AA were very helpful, though I had to upgrade my cover to homestart which cost an extra £50. Whereas I used to live in a house with a friendly garage at the end of the street (btw – if you want a good reliable garage who don't cost the earth try Tyreman in Warwick) who would fix anything at v. short notice I now live about 5 miles from the nearest garage. I guess Homestart is going to be worth the money.

The AA man replaced the battery and got me to work. I hope it starts with no problem this evening…

It seems that the battery was the original one – which would make it about 9 years old. This may explain a few things – sluggish cold morning starts etc.

What's really annoying is I only want the car to work for 2 more months, then I want to sell it and buy Stephs car from her. So another £100 into the damn thing is a real pain.

BTW - don't let the above put you off – I have a lovely Renault up for grabs in October – perfect in every way ;-) – just don't ask the Comms Office about the odd late morning (cough, cough!).

July 25, 2005


So, the Stag and Hen parties are both over and the run in to the wedding starts in earnest.

Managed to buy the last bits of the suit on saturday – tried it on and woah – suddenly it all seems rather close. There's about 6 weeks to go and the reality of it all is starting to sink in.

Most stuff seems to be in order, but there are a few outstanding issues to resolve, principally that my mothers side seem to be incapable of putting pen to paper or ear to phone and actually responding to the invite. Apparently everyone is booking hotels and stuff, but it would be nice if people could confirm that they are actually coming. Hurrumph.

July 22, 2005

just magic

Writing about web page

What a way to waste an hour – best flash game for a long time.

July 21, 2005

Why should PR be nervous?

Writing about web page

An interesting example unfolding at the moment is the case of Adrian Melrose and his problems with Land Rover – an interesting case study in using a blog to try and force a solution to a particular issue – hasn't got there yet, but watching Land Rover's responses is fascinating.

Just goes to show how blogs are changing the way PR works.

Another Collapse

I made the mistake of spending this morning getting excited about the way the England attack got through the Aussie batsmen for just 190 – now this afternoon 190 suddenly looks a massive ask.

How deflating this afternoon has been.

On a brighter note… oh wait, there isn't one.

July 19, 2005

Trackback spam

Writing about Warwick Gala Conference from Warwick University Media Log

Not sure if anyone else has had this but I am starting to see trackback spam appearing.

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