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February 27, 2007

An angry letter

No apologies for the tone of this open post.

At the weekend our village hall was trashed by a party leaving us with a bill for a conservative estimate of 3k and a fake contact number.

This has upset an awful lot of people, myself included, and probably means we will have to refuse use of the hall for parties of people between the ages of 13 – 20. We just can’t take the risk any more of a minority of idiots creating havoc.

Considering that one of the reasons for investing in the hall as we did was to provide a facility for young people to use the fact that we now have to consider closing our doors to them is the most upsetting part of this.

Quite frankly I am pretty sick of this mindlessness – whether it’s trashing the hall, the kids who smashed the side of my wifes car for kicks or the drunken stupidity of a saturday night in any given town or city.

And don’t think I’ve got it in for the kids! I reserve the same contempt for whoever is dumping washing machines on the verges round our way and for the commuters turning Stoneleigh Road into a tip – sat in the traffic every morning staring at the piles of rubbish thrown out of cars is soul crushing.

There is a connection between our treatment of the environment around us, whether natural or built, and our treatment of each other. The constant demand for respect is only valid if you likewise respect the world, the people and the communities around you.

As for the hall, we have had to close it until repairs can be made. As such we have lost a valuable resource thanks to a few moments of idiocy. Whilst we may be able to claim some elements on insurance, I doubt the entirety of the work will be covered, so we in the village will end up paying for it one way or another.

I doubt the people who enjoyed their riotous saturday evenings entertainment will ever read this but I had to say it.

February 22, 2007

Musical signatures

Driving home i was musing on how some musicians have clear musical signatures that just mean whenever you hear their music you just now who it is from a few bars, you don’t need to hear the rest of the music.

For example,

Johnny Cash – the chuggachuggachugga rhythm of the railtrack
Julian Cope – a particular style of keyboard synth noise that just sticks out, though he doesn’t use it so much any more
Tom Waits – spooky percussion of death
Keane – snoring and bangs of people falling asleep

Nick Cave talked about this once saying when he was looking for a guitarist he found Blixa Bargeld who produced these fantastic dolorous funeral chords on the guitar. Unfortunately it took him a while to realise that was all he could do, hence the heavy influence on the Cave sound.

I guess that I don’t find so many such signatures these days. Modern production techniques tend to make everything sound vaguely similar I suppose. perhaps people have stopped remembering to have fun making music now.

February 20, 2007

PR Week video briefing

Writing about web page

PRWeek have started doing video briefings which is interesting in itself but you have to love the moment in this video where the guy holds up the paper to illustrate his point and it’s upside down. Great planning people…

Made me smile anyhoo.

February 14, 2007

Proof the iPod has a sense of humour #2

This morning the iPod played a piece from Handel’s Messiah – “He was despised and rejected by men” – and followed it up with Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus”

Well, I found it funny.

February 12, 2007

Warwick Podcasts – that's 'The Award Winning Warwick Podcasts'

Writing about web page

Following on from the 05/06 win for Warwick Blogs I am pleased as punch that Warwick Podcasts has now been awarded a gong in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide Awards 2006/07 for use of Photography, Design or New Media.

Unfortunatley due to adverse weather condition we didn’t get to the awards ceremony on Friday so only found out this morning. As such I would like to say my thanks here:

Thanks to all the academics and others who have taken part in the podcasts – it’s been a genuinely fascinating project and I have enjoyed learning about such a wide range of subjects.

Also, thanks to all the people listening to Warwick Podcasts, especially those who have taken the trouble to email me to give feedback and support.

And a big thanks to eLab and in particular messers Chris May and Mat Mannion, the former for not telling me to go away when intially discussing the idea and coming up with a great publishing tool, and the latter for keeping said publishing tool going and being a great advocate for the service.

Here’s to 07/08!

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