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January 31, 2006

Secret shame – part 2

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This month on David Byrne Radio – What Country is This?

Yes – it's the return of my (not so) secret shame – a vague country groove.

David Byrne is playlisting a selection of Country music that might make a few people reassess this misunderstood genre.

It's about as far away from Achey Breaky Pelvis as you can get.

January 30, 2006

Time to get me a watch

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I don't wear a watch – but I could be persuaded to wear one of these.

January 25, 2006

Can't escape work

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I quite like the idea of making some home-cured bacon so googled "how to make bacon" last night – and Chris May came up as the first entry (this was

Why do I get the feeling that WarwickBlogs is slowly taking over the world…

January 20, 2006

Messing about with print ads

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What a fantastic idea.

Great Friday afternoon diversion.

January 18, 2006

Roadwork muppets

Which muppet scheduled work to:

a) Close off a main route in Kenilworth
b) Dig up Stoneleigh Road
c) Put roadworks on the A45
d) Dig up bits of the business park

all at the same time.

Nearly all of the main routes into the University are currently being dug up.

Well done to the planners for that one.

January 17, 2006

More evidence of transfer skullduggery in Football

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What with all the hoohah about bungs in football transfers I had to double take at the headline on the BBC Sports website – surely the investigation need look no further:

Charlton complete Bent transfer

Could they be any more brazen?

I am sure the FA crack team of solicitors will be in touch shortly.

January 13, 2006

Oh world cup arse!

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Just noticed that I will be on holiday in France for the World Cup Quarter Finals and Semi Finals – why did I agree to that!

At least I will be back for the final, but may have to miss the ritual England early exit on penalties.

I will have to find a bar somewhere with tv.

Note to self – in future, don't let Steph choose holiday dates!

January 09, 2006

Fake Writer Day

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Wow – apparantly it's fake writer day – inaugarated to celebrate the unmasking of a top-selling US author who turns out is not who they appear to be:

successful young author JT Leroy — the former West Virginia truck-stop hooker with a history in the San Francisco drug scene and a solid case of AIDS — didn’t exactly exist. Leroy, the piece maintained, was merely a fabrication of Laura Albert and Geoffery Knoop, the couple who are said to have rescued Leroy from his tragic life and helped him to become a “brilliant” dark writer.

Also a dishonourable mention to James Frey who apparantly conned Oprah and got himself a best seller, film contracts etc –

I can know reveal that this blog is not the work of Tom Abbott, but instead is written by a team of trained monkeys, gentically enhanced to whinge and moan at the slightest opportunity.

Next revelations –
Shards is a front for counter-revolutionary symapthisers
The King of Wales is from Scotland
Hollyzone isn't a zone and there's no Holly
Casey's blog is ghost written by Himself

"Oliver and Ramsey cleared over TV slaughter" – Guardian

Writing about web page,14173,1682559,00.html

I see that Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver were both cleared by the media watchdog after viewers complained about the slaughter of animals on the chef's shows.

Ramsey killed a number of turkeys during his show and Oliver was criticised for the slaughter of a Lamb during his Great Escape series.

I am fully in favour of people, and children in particular, being aware of where food comes from and the way that it is produced. It may seem disturbing to those used to pre-processed vacuum sealed slabs of nothingness served up by supermarkets these days, meat that bears no resemblance to anything that could be recognisable an animal, but if you eat meat then surely you have to acknowledge the process whereby your dinner gets to your plate.

I am sure that the lamb and turkeys in the shows had a much better existence than the vast majority of the poor animals that end up on supermarket shelves – and suffered no more at the moment of slaughter than any of the factory farmed chickens or pigs that end up in your local abatoir.

The fact is that eating meat involves the death of an animal – if you can't cope with that then be a vegetarian, otherwise get used to the idea and treat the animal with the respect it deserves.

I feel perfectly comfortable watching the pigs on the local farm fully in the knowledge that in 6 months time I will be enjoying bacon, sausages, roast leg of pork and other cuts from those same pigs. They live well, are treated with respect at the farm, in the abatoir and I will cook them with the same respect.

Back on the bike

Since I bought Chris May's bike I have been enjoying hitting the back roads of south Warwickshire. There are a few lessons though:

1. SPD pedals – take foot out of pedal before getting to the junction
2. It's been longer than I thought since I was last cycling regularly – bits of me need more time to get used to it again
3. How did I manage on the roads on my old (15 years ago) heavy road bike – the new bike is so quick to get up to speed.
4. My new cycling shoes let rather more air flow through them than I thought strictly necessary on a cold sunday morning – thick socks in order.
5. I won't be cycling to work anytime soon.

On a sadder note the death of 4 cyclists in wales serves as a reminder of how vulnerable you can be on a bike. No matter how safe you consider yourself it only takes a mistake from another road user to cause mayhem. I would ask the gentleman I saw out with his daughter yesterday, neither wearing helmets, to reflect on that and remember the words of a london doctor when asked whether people should be bothered to wear a helmet:

"Well, it's the difference between me giving you an asprin and teaching you how to talk again.

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