June 29, 2007

The craziness of inflated prices for Premiership players

This man is worth £16.5 million.

Darren Bent

Whereas this man is worth £16.1 million.

Thierry Henry

Surely shome mishtake.

No, seriously – does anybody, anywhere get that?

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Henry is 30 years old, so if he plays to 35 it’s around 3m per season – and he will lose his pace, which is what has bought him so many goals.

    Bent is 21 years old, so that works out at just over 1m per season. He also has resale value in 5 years, whereas Henry does not.

    And of course, you’ve got to take into account that Henry will also command £120k+ per week :)

    29 Jun 2007, 17:31

  2. And also take into account that they both contribute nothing to society, so those amounts are completely stupid anyway! :-P

    29 Jun 2007, 20:01

  3. I’ll work out whether to give Hywel’s comment the benefit of the doubt or the doubt of benefit when I switch my sarcasm detector back on. :)

    The two key differences – one is the investment factor that Bent has that Henry doesn’t, the other is the fact he is English, and so many managers turn abroad because of how overpriced players already in the country – even those who aren’t of British origin – will remain.

    29 Jun 2007, 21:18

  4. I remain to be convinced about Bent as an investment – when he get’s sold to Bolton for £6m in a few years time I am sure Tottenham will be chuffed to bits with their wheeler dealing.

    The British thing is important – regardless of the age thing and investment etc, do you really believe Bent is a 16m striker? I just can’t see it at all. It’s an inflated price for a player who has proven nada. Is it any wonder that clubs buy overseas when a class player costs a significant amount less than an english equivalent.

    29 Jun 2007, 21:45

  5. In a word: no. He isn’t a £16m striker, certainly not yet. If he was, say, a Spanish player going between Spanish clubs, I would reckon he would be €10m absolute tops. Charlton should be feeling very smug about offloading him for that much; given the talent that Tottenham already have up front I can’t see how they will recoup the money either.

    Wonder if it means they’ll bring the ladies team back now…?

    30 Jun 2007, 01:22

  6. Mathew Mannion

    Bent isn’t worth £16m of anyone’s money, and it’s more a case in this comparison of Arsenal being really bad at negotiating. Saying that, I’d take 2 Darren Bents over 1 Andrei Schevcenko. Tottenham are also trying to show financial muscle – remember that they have Manchester United acting predatory over Berbatov – it’s likely that Tottenham will use this as an example of a premium for United to pay.

    But take it this way, if Joey Barton is worth £6m surely Darren Bent is worth £60m?

    30 Jun 2007, 15:40

  7. I’m with Luke on this – can we have Charlton Ladies back now please? I bet they don’t cost £16m to run for the year so there’ll be change to buy more underachieving average males for the men’s team.

    01 Jul 2007, 11:27

  8. I’m with Luke on this – can we have Charlton Ladies back now please? I bet they don’t cost £16m to run for the year so there’ll be change to buy more underachieving average males for the men’s team.

    Yes but I doubt it’d bring in £16 for the year. Sad fact is, Holly, no-one watches women’s sports, except perhaps [i]Ready, Steady, Cook[/i] and even there most of the athletes are men.

    05 Jul 2007, 10:32

  9. Not true. They get larger crowds than you’d expect, these are growing and there’s potential. Plus having seen both Charlton men’s and women’s playing recently (albeit on TV) I can assure you the women were much more fun to watch :P

    08 Jul 2007, 22:04

  10. Sue

    I’m not really into football but I’m a great tennis fan and I enjoy watching the women playing just as much as the men. I think they are both just as entertaining in their own way.

    08 Jul 2007, 22:47

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