October 05, 2005

ooooh – video?

Writing about web page http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=1304

the web is a rumbling with rumours that Apple are about (like next week) to announce their video iPod.

I know there are a lot of video players on the market, but this could be the one that breaks into the mainstream.

What could be more interesting is how this is supported through iTunes (or iVid/iMovie) – it'll be the distribution that makes or breaks this tool. Apple got good buy in for music distribution, I wonder what they have lined up for video?

Downloading the whole series of scrubs would be a good start…

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Who would ever want it?

    05 Oct 2005, 10:16

  2. Who would ever want TV? In the 50s many commentators thought that TV would never compete with Radio.


    A few years ago music distribution was pretty fundamentally over turned – why not video? Not everyone is savvy with or comfortable using home hacks and P2P so a warm and cuddly alternative could be very attractive to the majority. Apple do warm and cuddly very well.

    05 Oct 2005, 11:12

  3. Chris May

    there's still a big issue with the form factor, though. Either you make it a pocketable device, in which case you've got a piddly little screen to squint at, or you make it a decent size for a screen, in which case it stops being portable and you might as well just use a PC.

    I agree there's a market opportunity opening up for a nice user-friendly, legal ITMS -style content distribution network, but I'm unconvinced that pocketable video players are going to take off any time soon. When would you watch it?

    I'm often wrong, though :-)

    05 Oct 2005, 12:57

  4. THere have been good things said about the PSP screen – that it is good and portable. Whilst I recognise that there is an issue here, I guess that Apple are smart enough to find a pretty neat compromise.

    Also, I think that the distribution network is the real story – that is where the money will be

    05 Oct 2005, 13:46

  5. Steve Rumsby

    Portable music players work well because you can listen to music while doing other things, like walking, coding, commenting on somebody's blog:-) Video requires more of your attention, leaving less of it for other activities.

    That said, I have been surprised at how watchable video has been on the screen of a mobile phone. I have been carrying around one or two of the Wallace and Gromit films on my phone for "emergency child entertainment" and they work very well. You wouldn't want to watch Lord of the Rings that way, but 20–30 minutes would be bearable. I could imagine wanting to transfer last night's episode of from the PVR to an iPod to watch at lunchtime. I wouldn't buy a portable video player for this, but a single device that played music and video and was a usefully sized portable hard disk would be tempting.

    Depends on the price, though. Possibly one of the best things that would come out of the announcement of a video-capable iPod would that the prices would drop on the current devices and I get one of those at a bargain price!!!

    05 Oct 2005, 13:53

  6. Mathew Mannion

    Have you tried watching something on the PSP? It's unenjoyable and a complete waste of time (and too expensive when a PDA does the same thing much easier) – so I can't understand why making it stylish would make it pay off.

    06 Oct 2005, 14:51

  7. I have to admit I haven't but those people I know who have are of a differing opinion, Matt.

    06 Oct 2005, 15:31

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