February 07, 2008

iPod Touch impressions

So, I recently got my hands on an iPod touch and have spent a bit of time trying out various things, and to be honest it ’s quickly become very useful.

First up it has to be said that the interface is lovely and the screen is pretty awesome – especially for video.

Where it has been of most immediate value is in email. As long as I have a wireless connection I can pick up email, which is very handy. A blackberry seems rather dull in comparison.

More interesting is the way you can integrate it with web based apps to do useful things. The best example so far has been to use docs.google to store papers and other documents so that rather than cart stuff around I have a whole archive of papers available where I can get a connection . When Google add edit and create functions it will be even better.

I am writing this on it now – which goes to show how well it works with Warwick’s web systems. I’ve also edited sitebuilder pages using it. The keyboard works well, but bluetooth could make this even easier.

The absence of a flash player remains a major headache, but so far so useful.

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  1. John Rawnsley

    No flash = no iPlayer :-(

    I’d be pleased if its Safari browser offered to remember login credentials, I’m forever typing in my hotspot and googlemail passwords.

    But its the first iPod (I’m on my 4th) I actually carry around (sans earbuds) all the time.

    08 Feb 2008, 14:21

  2. you should set it up to run on the wireless VPN, then you just need to flick a button and it connects without the need to login to the campus network. Also you can configure it to connect to googlemail automatically without the need to login every time – works fine for me.


    08 Feb 2008, 14:40

  3. John Rawnsley

    Last time I tried using the VPN was a couple of firmware versions ago. It does work well now.

    I’m getting a fair bit of spam which beats the 3 filters it’s passing through and ends up in my google inbox. I’d like to delete these and other unwanted messages. With the iPod mail client I have to open a message before I can delete it which is annoying. The google webmail client lets me mark all the messages I don’t want to read and delete them in one go.

    08 Feb 2008, 19:58

  4. John – if you view the inbox and flick horizontally across a mail the delete button pops up without you having to open the email.

    11 Feb 2008, 09:24

  5. John Rawnsley

    That’s clever. But not obvious.

    Apple seem to have stopped bothering with manuals for any of their stuff beyond telling you how to plug it in.

    11 Feb 2008, 17:45

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