August 02, 2006


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via BoingBoing – perhaps American Universities are not that far ahead in their marketing:


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  1. I think that song is going to be stuck in my head all day now. At least it doesn’t feel quite as degrading to the individual students as “Intellectual Capital” does. My favourite uni ad of the moment is cov’s “come to our uni and play with a jet plane” one.

    02 Aug 2006, 09:54

  2. Hmmm – interesting you say that about Intellectual Capital – why did you find that degrading? I’d be interested in what you thought that was about.

    02 Aug 2006, 10:57

  3. Intellectual Capital is considered a problem by students as it seems to suggest (to some of us anyway) that we’re here to be turned into money making machines, either for ourselves or for the university. As Helen suggests, where’s the call to individuals? It makes coming here sound like you’re part of a machine.

    02 Aug 2006, 11:08

  4. What did you think the campaign was aimed at doing? Who do you think it was for.

    I’m asking as I am interested in perceptions on this – it was designed to do something quite specific around a particular audience. It’s interesting to see what people who weren’t target groups thought it was about.

    02 Aug 2006, 11:20

  5. From the timing of the banners going up on campus I had assumed it was something to do with conferences. But it was interesting seeing the three different posters at the station, with the buisness school, arts centre and I forget what the other one was. I know the arts centre one doesn’t seem to promote what the godiva voting suggests we do best – provide a friendly atmosphere. (oh and of course have hot hot hot foyer areas but a wonderfully air conditioned cinema!)

    02 Aug 2006, 11:27

  6. That’s the thing, I could tell it wasn’t aimed at students, which is part of what rankled. Who was it aimed at? If it’s conferences then it’s just pimping out the students to the areas which this uni seems obsessed with sending students to (witness how much easier it is to get Careers Service advice on the big companies than other sectors). Was it for the parents and guests at graduation? If so then it seems a little odd as I can’t see how it would appeal to them.

    It’s a mystery to me who it’s aimed at, but the fact it’s not aimed at those who use campus most – students – makes me wonder if we’re just a captive income source who don’t need to be shown occasional interest.

    02 Aug 2006, 11:35

  7. I suppose I have to come back at that and point out that a University like Warwick has an awful lot of different groups of people we need to talk to, not just students. It’s the same for any large organisation with the kind of footprint Warwick has. I would not leap to draw the conclusion you do Holly, it may surprise people but their ain’t no conspiracy out there. Why must every communication campaign be for students consumption?

    IC was, in fact, aimed pretty tightly at a group of people in the region with whom we wanted to raise our profile and remind that Warwick, our staff and students play a large part in the cultural, intellectual, business and social life of the West Midlands region. There were a series of posters in Birmingham (cos that’s where most of these people are) some mailings and the other elements you have indicated.

    02 Aug 2006, 12:26

  8. Tom, you’ve just got to do something like this with your new video equipment :)

    Get Rev. to sing “Warwick is hot hot hot!!” It’ll be great!

    02 Aug 2006, 13:13

  9. Kieran – and there was I thinking you were a man of taste and class…

    BTW – if comments start to descend into a ‘why does the University hate students’ series of rants I’ll pack up and go home…

    Besides, – students kick the University’s ass every time!

    02 Aug 2006, 13:17

  10. Oh my. What IS that? Are we supposed to sing along with the subtitles or something? Surely a guest spot by Buster Poindexter would’ve been in order here.

    You’re talking about the various audiences for Warwick’s promotional campaigns, but what about Appalachian State University? If the audience for this is students, that video would make me NOT NOT NOT want to go there.

    Surely that’s not a serious initiative?

    (it’s very funny though)

    02 Aug 2006, 13:23

  11. I wondered about the subtitles – I would have thought deafness was a bonus with that video.

    I also thought about whether this was ‘ironic’ but part of me wants it to be serious.

    02 Aug 2006, 13:27

  12. The video was obviously made for parents. It’s all about that ‘reaching your potential’ ideology that is basically just an illusion for getting you to work your hardest and hence sustain and promote, not to mention advance in, a highly conservative state of affairs. While nothing is really wrong with this, it is an ideology that mainly parents (with their usual acceptance of the status quo) support and not something that wild-eyed students with a disdain for mechanical authority would like. Indeed the silly jingle could only work with parents (students would find it patronising, but parents would feel that it would reaffirm their dream of their children being highly motivated, but rather narrow minded, people- its as George Bernard Shaw said, ‘a well-bred Englishman knows nothing of the world- except the difference between right and wrong’.)

    02 Aug 2006, 14:38

  13. And there was I, just poking fun huh!

    02 Aug 2006, 14:42

  14. I quite like the Intellectual Capital posters, irrespective of who they’re aimed at. My first thought on seeing them was “yeah, that’s right, there’s an immense and potentially highly influential store of knowledge here”. Cheesy, but its true. The cynic in me must be on holiday.

    The YouTube video is just…odd. As Tom Abbott said, it could be the work of a marketing department out to have a laugh. Can’t be sure though. The uncertainty would be sufficient to keep me well away though!

    02 Aug 2006, 15:24

  15. I think I’m just in a bad mood today (the weather here stinks) so that’s why I’m narked at everything. Yeah, I know we have to appeal to a large range of people, not just students (and it is summer so not so many students around), but the mild underlying hostility is quite often a result of being a humanities student here, we don’t get the shiny treatment other depts seem to get (although this could be a matter of perception not reality).

    Oh god, it’s started raining again :( Not feeling Hot Hot Hot here.

    02 Aug 2006, 16:15

  16. Mathew Mannion

    The guitar/keyboard/sax solos are so unnecessary that they’re fantastic...

    02 Aug 2006, 16:19

  17. Mathew Mannion

    And even if the marketing department were just out for a laugh, they’ve created something that has tremendous potential for viral advertising…

    02 Aug 2006, 16:19

  18. Holly, it’s not just a humanities thing, I think it’s more a students thing.
    We’ve got a long way to go before we reach the standards of Appalachian, thank god.

    02 Aug 2006, 16:28

  19. I did wonder about the viral thing – after all, we’ve all been talking about ASU have we not.

    03 Aug 2006, 10:21

  20. Gosh, it’s soooooo uplifting!

    03 Aug 2006, 10:23

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