July 31, 2006

Bikers vs Clubbers

Thanks to Warwickshire police directing Global Gathering traffic through our village all weekend we've had a steady stream of morons and idiots parading their clapped out but modded to the max citroen saxos up the A3400.

We get this twice a year – once for Global Gathering and once for the Bulldog Bash.

The bikers who go to Bulldog generally are a fine lot. Noisy, but they stick to the speed limits (knowing that the police are all over them…), don't treat the roads and verges as their own personal toilet/rubbish dump and are good for a laugh or two in the pub.

The clubbers, on the other hand, are generally obnoxious louts who seem to think it's fine to lob half empty beer cans out of windows, hurl abuse at locals and speed through at whatever their 1.1 saxo can manage.

I think next year I may get a load of stickers made up and change all the signs to 'Chav Gathering'. The self–centred idiocy of the GG lot really gets me annoyed.

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  1. Why not just get yourself a banjo and sit on your front porch chewing hay?! ;–)

    31 Jul 2006, 08:47

  2. Well, normally you'd let it go, but I was so angry with the moron who shouted abuse at the 70+ year old I was talking to that it just got me ranting.

    31 Jul 2006, 08:51

  3. Craig Pemblington

    I think Global Gathering attracts next to no chavs at all (or as they r more commonly called up here in the north east ‘charvs’ or ‘charvers.’ Yes, waitin in that queue myself I witnessed people urinating on fields and throwing away beer cans and I am not sayin that is acceptible, but most ppl go ther for a good time, are not charvs, and are wanting to rave and go clubbing at the best dance festival in the world. I can understand your feelings, but considering I live in a lovely coastal town thats invided by southern ppl for their stag parties every weekend I know the situation very well. Global Gathering occurs practically in the middle of nowhere, and if you happen to live in the middle of a field, then I think its just unfor. but not every1 queing there is a self indulgent chav.


    04 Aug 2006, 21:28

  4. Yikes … this is a rather outrageous tirade. I appreciate that not every GG attendee may behave perfectly but to a) tar them all with the same brush (which is patently ridiculous and in opposition to the truth) and b) then insult them all with the term ‘Chav’ is really not very becoming of you. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and thought that you were a smart, fair-minded chap, but this sort of intolerant prejudice does you no favours Sir.

    17 Aug 2006, 10:08

  5. Outrage sir! Sorry Stuart but I got rather annoyed by 3-4 days of constant irritation and annoyance at car after car of people abusing the area. My usual fair minded spirit was sorely tested. And to be fair, last weekend was the biker event and NOT ONE PROBLEM for the whole time.

    Normal service is resumed…

    BTW – Craig – Stag parties suck too. Why is drink fueled lunacy a particulalry English disease?

    17 Aug 2006, 10:16

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