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October 17, 2005

Reasons Sven should drop Beckham

1. Beckham slows the game down – he's too used to the Spanish style now, not the fast paced counter attacking game the England team should be playing.

2. He's not the best captain – his display of petulance demonstrates that – give the armband to Terry.

3. He tends to drift and chase the game rather than stick to the plan

4. It would keep his wife busier and thus out of the recording studio

5. He is one of the leaders of the England players mafia that seems to rule the roost – this needs breaking up to reassert the managers credibility (not that there is much of that now anyway)

6. Too much long ball when Rooney et al want ball to feet

7. There are other players in the side who can deliver from dead ball situations – he's already given up the penalty taking.

8. There are better players at running with the ball at defenders

9. More quality time to spend with the nanny

10. It would free him up to pursue more cash around the world.

Please Sven, drop him.

Oh, and you can probably can Gerrard as well.

Gardening and furniture

Had a very domestic weekend.

Finally got my raspberry plants in – been looking forward to getting these started. I hope they settle in and get producing next year.

Also dug one side of the garden. We have a lot of Aqualegia (?) in the borders, and it's a self-seeding nightmare. I must have dug up a whole green bin's worth of the stuff. It's a lovely plant, but too much is too much.

Unfortunately that side of the garden is about 60ft long (around half the length of the garden or there abouts) – so I spent a good while digging over a long thin strip of dirt, picking through the bits to get out the roots. Very weary work by the end of it.

I also started thinking about attacking the elder at the bottom now they have dropped their leaves. What with these and the trees at the front, maybe I should buy a truck. I have enough lugging to do.

We have been looking at getting some new furniture recently – visited a nice place called Four Corners Trading link between Ettington/Stratford. Really nice furniture – hand made oak tables, beds, cupboards etc. Certainly the best I've seen for a while.

Only trouble is the price:

Table: £590 – extendable to 2.5m, so would seat a lot of people. Not bad really. Between the two of us we could cover that.

Chairs: £130 each – ouch. So to add 8 chairs would be £1040.

This could be a painful process.

Supermarket Economics

Heard something on the radio this morning that made me tut in disbelief.

First up, ex-head of Tescos suggesting that small independent retailers should quit whinging about Tescos homing in on their sector – Tescos is what people want so put up, shut up and shut down.

Second, media analyst saying that big retailers like Tescos had been complaining to the newspaper industry about the giveaway CDs and DVDs in the newspapers impacting on their sales of such items.

So the message here is, if we come looking to setup in your sector then screw you – we bring competition and that is a good thing, regardless if it puts you and your community out of business – that's the law of the market.

However, start impacting our sales and that's unfair practice, anti-competition and we will go and complain at the highest level.

Dontcha love it!

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