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May 08, 2006

podcasts part2

Follow-up to Podcast stats from Contemplating the Frame

As a nice little coda to my earlier post I got a call from a journalist today who wants to use one of the Warwick Podcasts as part of a package of material he is producing for their publication.

This is great for a few reasons – firstly it was a request to use the original content, not edited or rebranded – we must be doing something right then! Secondly it shows that Journalists are catching on to the new PR/Comms tools and that we are right to be supplying content in this way.

I also did some fag packet maths – 1250 downloads at around 20 minutes each is 25,000 minutes of Warwick content served.


Podcast stats

Writing about web page

With the help of Chris May we moved Warwick Podcasts onto a new distribution page which has made publishing a lot easier. The other major benefit is that we can now get much clearer stats on usage than before.

As we have just passed the first full week of the new system I am rather interested to see how it worked out.

Total Page Views for /go/podcast – 1275
Total Page Views for /go/podcast plus all sub pages – 2827

Downloads per MP3 file:

  1. /newsandevents/audio/nepal.mp3 : Total page views: 135
  2. /newsandevents/audio/techmatters.mp3 : Total page views: 112
  3. /newsandevents/audio/china.mp3 : Total page views: 92
  4. /newsandevents/audio/csa.mp3 : Total page views: 90
  5. /newsandevents/audio/energy.mp3 : Total page views: 86
  6. /newsandevents/audio/id101105m.mp3 : Total page views: 85
  7. /newsandevents/audio/oil.mp3 : Total page views: 82
  8. /newsandevents/audio/discworld_podcast.mp3 : Total page views: 79
  9. /newsandevents/audio/iran010206.mp3 : Total page views: 76
  10. /newsandevents/audio/islam.mp3 : Total page views: 73
  11. /newsandevents/audio/diabetes.mp3 : Total page views: 72
  12. /newsandevents/audio/businessfuture.mp3 : Total page views: 68
  13. /newsandevents/audio/wanton.mp3 : Total page views: 67
  14. /newsandevents/audio/football.mp3 : Total page views: 67
  15. /newsandevents/audio/muslimprison.mp3 : Total page views: 66

That's 1250 downloads in a week (bank holiday week too!).

I am really surprised at some of the numbers for older releases – the Google search terms shows that we do hang around in Google for quite a while.

Another nice part to this is that 90% of listeners are off campus, which is what I would have hoped.

Sadly, and I guess this is the usual podcast problem, we have no numbers on how many people actually listen to the things.

Oh Well.

I now just hope that Chris May doesn't point out some obvious flaw in the data!

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