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May 05, 2006

More free video

Writing about from Autology: John Dale's blog

following up from John's reference here is a new slightly (read 'a lot') more legal service just launched by CBS.

Starts with a pretty cool vid of Pearl Jam's special gig on the Letterman show.

The missing part of the reshuffle

Interesting to see the cabinet reshuffle unfold but you can't help feel that there is a major missing shuffle – the man making the decisions.

I really believe Blair is now finished as an effective leader. It is in the Labour Party's best interests to see him go now. Frank Dobson gave a pretty damning assessment of Blair's position this morning and I agree with him.

That said, I doubt Brown could really sort the mess out either. The current leadership is pretty much the same that was there 10–15 years ago. The party leadership needs a major overhaul and injection of fresh blood. The youthful enthusiasm that characterised the 1997 election is now the property of the Tories, who look fresh, different and seem to be reinventing themselves at a rate of knots (whether there is any substance to this transformation remains to be seen!)

15 years ago Blair was the up and coming hot thing, now he is the old and tired incumbent reluctant to let go of the strings he picked up. He and Brown are the establishment they fought to change in the 1990s. They need to let new ideas in.

Meanwhile, the Lib Dems look pretty screwed to be honest.

Oh, for a genuine political alternative.

The other thing that occured to me this morning was whether any Cabinet Minister can be responsible for effective change. Take the NHS. Can you seriously suggest that any Health Minister is ever going to be in a position to really enable significant change across the Health Service? Some of these organisations are just too big to implement change. Perhaps we should ask whether these great beasts need to be broken up into more manageable chunks.

Charles Clark on the radio now – sounds really pissed off despite saying " I remain a strong supporter of the Prime Minister" – riiiiight.

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