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November 27, 2004

Meeting 2


General discussion, not all members present at the same time, but following points were decided upon

  • Blogging essential to keeping track of resources and project
  • Draft Powerpoint Presentation (of all various parts) to be ready for a meeting next Thursday at 11am, for group discussion
  • Alice and Dave working together on Introduction to Femtochemistry
  • Tom and Will working together on further developments of Femtochemistry
  • Eleanor and Lucinda working together on the history of Zewail and the Nobel Prize
  • Alternative layout of powerpoint produced and to be emailed to everyone, containing very brief draft of Tom and Will's work

November 26, 2004

More useful resources

1) Quite general, explains how femtochemistry can monitor a reaction, and also goes on to look at more complex solvation effects

2) From Zewail's site, explains the research themes that carry on from femtochemistry

Physics World September 2001
Article on from femtochemistry to attophysics

November 25, 2004

Basic Webpages found for research

Further developments in Femtochemistry- Basic Ideas and references

1) Surface Chemical Dynamics:

2) Attophysics from Femtochemistry (locate electrons and orbitals from X-ray pulse lasers)

3) Femtochemistry and Femtobiology

More general links

Good book:

"The Chemical Bond – Structure and Dynamics", edited by Ahmed Zewail, published in 1992. As well as editing the volume, he has a chapter on his research into femtochemistry and transition states.

Libary book no: QD.831.C4

November 24, 2004

Key Skills Group Work Minutes of Meeting One


  • Blogs to be used for logging team work, so markers can see progress of work. This also means that minutes are to be taken at every meeting.

  • Key to Presentation is femtochemistry and why Zwail won the prize, not the history of the nobel prize or his history – these sections should be brief but informative.

  • Narrator idea to link the different sections together, could add humourous element to a "straight-laced" presenation.

  • Oral parts to be re-assigned later on, since not equal in proportion in research terms.
  • The research and presentation was split into the following people and areas:
    1. The nobel Prize – Lucinda
    2. Background to Zewail and further projects of Zewail – Eleanor
    3. Introduction to femtochemistry and reasons for development – Alice
    4. Reasons for awarding the prize and speach – Dave
    5. Further Developments in Femtochemistry – Tom
    6. Research spurred by femtochemistry into cells – Will
    7. Summary and Conclusion – ?
  • Next meeting date with research found and blogged – Friday 26th Novemeber at 12pm

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