October 21, 2005

Atomic Wants You!


Why Join Atomic?

Events So Far This Term

  • Coventry Pub Crawl (week 2)
  • Bowling (week 4)

Coming Later this term...

  • Leamington Pub Crawl (week 6)
  • Universally Challenged (week 7)
  • Atomic Party (week 8) {tbc}
  • Xmas Curry (week 10) {tbc}

Atomic Sports Leagues
5-aside football teams including Atomic Allstars and Academic team Link!
squash league
pool league

Annual Atomic Ball
A glittering event, full of stunning ladies and dashing men, a 3 course sit down meal, live music, and then an award winning DJ… what more can you ask for?

RSC Lecture Scheme
In co-ordination with the Royal Society of Chemistry, Atomic helps organise an outstanding lecture scheme – with lectures free for all and aimed at a range of abilities.

Potential Pipeline Fodder
Trips to beer/chocolate plants/factories
An exchange trip to a department on the continent (very very tentative!)

Who Run's Atomic?
El Supremo Presidente: Dan Waldron – welsh dude and leader of the merry band of chemists
Academic President: Stefan Bon – the Bonmeister! What more can be said about the dutchman?
Vice Pres/RSC Rep/General Dogsbody: Tom Oliver – Described by many as a cross between Doctor Who, Gandalf the Grey and Bernard Black
Secretary: Lara-jane Pegg – solid rock of the meetings and a hoodie advocate
Social Sec: Mikey Brown – senior undergrad and Atomic bowling guru
Social Under Secretary: Alex Haywood – no puns intended with her job title; Alex in her spare time away from her degree is a full time socialite
Treasurer: Alex Hough – sound bloke; never trusted his seven golden rules for the economy however…
Secretary to the Treasurer: Amy Hewison- wins the award for the longest job title – Alex's partner in crime in oh so many ways…
Saftey Officer: Lee Burton – Saftey, it's in the name?
Sports Officer: Jack Sleigh – Atomic Allstar star, and general sports guru
External Relations: Will Mitchell – Thesbian and allround method actor – now studying for part of hobo
Atomic Ball Co-ordinators: Suzanne Partridge and Helen Playford – bring style and elegance to the Atomic exec (someone's got to!)
PhD Representatives: Lewis Mark and Matt Gill – both fountains of knowledge and hardcore chemists
Brass Officer: Matt Cooper – wins the award for oddest exec title -brings his musical society experiences and vast enthusiasm to point out where we are going truly wrong!
Fresher Reps: Lisa Hawkes and Tommy Precious – fresh faced, young, eager and utterly butterly mad for joining Atomic exec within a week…

What society gives you more fun, frollics and better government?

That's right… none other than Atomic!

Tom – "Atomic is gonna be bigger than the Beatles!"

P.S. For those of you with no Musical education "The Beatles" were a pop/rock group from the 1960s and were occasionally quite popular…

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  1. Good grief. Is there anyone studying chemisty who's not on the exec? ;-)

    21 Oct 2005, 20:20

  2. Admittedly it is on the large side… and with quite a few excellent titles, but we do have all these wonderful events to organise! The side effect is Dan and Stefan have more minions! :-)

    21 Oct 2005, 20:24


    It's FREE!!! (As long as you've joined the Societies Federation!)

    21 Oct 2005, 20:55

  4. And your description of yourself is quite accurate! ;)

    And this…

    "Alex's partner in crime in oh so many ways…"

    I think Amy might just want to kill you!

    21 Oct 2005, 20:58

  5. There's links and instructions to join atomic at: go.warwick.ac.uk/atomic home page…

    Amy can't kill me since I have the powers of a Time Lord and Wizard (and also a drunk swine), meaning I can't die… And she is one of my padawan learners too! Who ever heard of a Padawan killing their Master? :-)

    21 Oct 2005, 21:03

  6. Style and elegance, eh? You obviously don't know Suzy very well (ducks under inevitable rotten vegetables that are now flying my way!) Ahem, anyway…
    Tom…you are so not a Thomas…I can't imagine you as a Thomas, it's all wrong!!! Arg!
    Also, Max… shut it you ;) We are a small and elite bunch, dontcha know?!

    21 Oct 2005, 23:05

  7. Well I'm Thomas A A Oliver (I'll let you ponder what the middle names are)... I adopted Tom as of about age twelve to reflect my "cheeky loveable scamp" nature… My Mum only calls me Thomas now when I'm about to get a telling off/lecture!

    As for recieving rotten vegetables being thrown at you – I don't think you'll have a monopoly on that one after everyone has discovered this entry!

    21 Oct 2005, 23:14

  8. Hey max – think i agree, have to hope there are enough indians to outnumber all the chiefs! hehe

    22 Oct 2005, 10:54

  9. Matt you were right I am gonna kill Thomas!! What do you mean by "Alex's partner in crime in oh so many ways…" Alex was another of your "padawan learners" and I think he may have something to say on the matter!!

    22 Oct 2005, 12:10

  10. Well… it was meant in the sense you both always seem to be out on the piss together and causing havoc in labs together, nothing more nothing less… just said in a tongue in cheek way… (may be the "oh so many ways" was a bridge too far- and I was referring to Alex Haywood when I said partners in crime… I've just realise about t'other Alex- and this the "doublet doublet" entendre- d'oh).

    If anyone want's to be Vice President of Atomic, applications on the back of a matchbox are all that's needed! Verbal agreements are also contractual…

    N.B. All applicants must realise that general dogsbody is the main of the work.

    22 Oct 2005, 12:19

  11. Well it could be either alex as when i get pissed they're both normally there!! (getting drunk too!!)

    22 Oct 2005, 14:13

  12. Jason

    Atomic – more popular than Physoc

    23 Oct 2005, 18:05

  13. My blog is finally back from the abyss of F105… roll on rotten vegetables!

    24 Oct 2005, 10:23

  14. Stefan Bon

    The mass email has been sent out…let the counting begin. The response on indians and chiefs is an interesting one, as i have not seen any exec member dressed with feathers…mind you one of our chiefs did invite "trolley-dolly" the inflatable sheep along…Will the sheep appear in leamington spa? or is its energy deflated as a result of binge drinking? I guess we will find out next tuesday…(week 6)

    24 Oct 2005, 17:03

  15. On the note of Cowboys and Indians, any ideas for the Atomic Themed Party?

    24 Oct 2005, 18:23

  16. Tom, I love all the comments, they're really funny!

    26 Oct 2005, 12:10

  17. 111 members at the last count… impressive!

    21 Nov 2005, 19:56

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  • Tom, I love all the comments, they're really funny! by on this entry
  • On the note of Cowboys and Indians, any ideas for the Atomic Themed Party? by on this entry
  • The mass email has been sent out…let the counting begin. The response on indians and chiefs is an … by Stefan Bon on this entry

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