January 10, 2006

Climate and Energy: Our Future at Stake?

Something important, clever and cost free!

On Sunday in the Arts Centre Conference Room at 3:30pm as part of One World Week there is a One World Forum entitled: "Climate and Energy: Our Future at Stake?"

The focus on the debate is on the changing environment, sustainability of natural energy resources and whether the actual climate changes are man made or natural or part of both.

Obviously the debate will be scuplted by the pannel which is comprised of:

Stephen Tindale
Executive Director of Greenpeace

Dr Nick Riley
Project manager from the British Geological Survey

Dr Bettina Wittneben
Senior Research Fellow from the Wuppertal Institute

Kendra Okonski
Enivornmental Programme Manager from the International Policy Network

Dr John Adsetts
Deputy Chair, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

These are all important names, if you "google" any of them: you will find they have interesting differing view points and something to offer us on this current hot topic.

So what do I want you to do?

I want you to attend on Sunday and listen to these fascinating people battle out their ideas and bring something away from it! I promise it will be lively and entertaining!

This event is Organised by One World Week in co-ordination with Atomic and The Chemistry Department.

October 25, 2005

Atomic Leamington Pub Crawl

Here's the one you've all been waiting for!

October 21, 2005

Atomic Wants You!


Why Join Atomic?

Events So Far This Term

  • Coventry Pub Crawl (week 2)
  • Bowling (week 4)

Coming Later this term...

  • Leamington Pub Crawl (week 6)
  • Universally Challenged (week 7)
  • Atomic Party (week 8) {tbc}
  • Xmas Curry (week 10) {tbc}

Atomic Sports Leagues
5-aside football teams including Atomic Allstars and Academic team Link!
squash league
pool league

Annual Atomic Ball
A glittering event, full of stunning ladies and dashing men, a 3 course sit down meal, live music, and then an award winning DJ… what more can you ask for?

RSC Lecture Scheme
In co-ordination with the Royal Society of Chemistry, Atomic helps organise an outstanding lecture scheme – with lectures free for all and aimed at a range of abilities.

Potential Pipeline Fodder
Trips to beer/chocolate plants/factories
An exchange trip to a department on the continent (very very tentative!)

Who Run's Atomic?
El Supremo Presidente: Dan Waldron – welsh dude and leader of the merry band of chemists
Academic President: Stefan Bon – the Bonmeister! What more can be said about the dutchman?
Vice Pres/RSC Rep/General Dogsbody: Tom Oliver – Described by many as a cross between Doctor Who, Gandalf the Grey and Bernard Black
Secretary: Lara-jane Pegg – solid rock of the meetings and a hoodie advocate
Social Sec: Mikey Brown – senior undergrad and Atomic bowling guru
Social Under Secretary: Alex Haywood – no puns intended with her job title; Alex in her spare time away from her degree is a full time socialite
Treasurer: Alex Hough – sound bloke; never trusted his seven golden rules for the economy however…
Secretary to the Treasurer: Amy Hewison- wins the award for the longest job title – Alex's partner in crime in oh so many ways…
Saftey Officer: Lee Burton – Saftey, it's in the name?
Sports Officer: Jack Sleigh – Atomic Allstar star, and general sports guru
External Relations: Will Mitchell – Thesbian and allround method actor – now studying for part of hobo
Atomic Ball Co-ordinators: Suzanne Partridge and Helen Playford – bring style and elegance to the Atomic exec (someone's got to!)
PhD Representatives: Lewis Mark and Matt Gill – both fountains of knowledge and hardcore chemists
Brass Officer: Matt Cooper – wins the award for oddest exec title -brings his musical society experiences and vast enthusiasm to point out where we are going truly wrong!
Fresher Reps: Lisa Hawkes and Tommy Precious – fresh faced, young, eager and utterly butterly mad for joining Atomic exec within a week…

What society gives you more fun, frollics and better government?

That's right… none other than Atomic!

Tom – "Atomic is gonna be bigger than the Beatles!"

P.S. For those of you with no Musical education "The Beatles" were a pop/rock group from the 1960s and were occasionally quite popular…

October 10, 2005

Atomic Bowling

The aftermath effects of the Coventry pub crawl are yet to be calculated, however at this stage I will comment I have never seen a sheep on a pub crawl before!

Anyway… Atomic's next adventure into the world of the fantastically absurb is Atomic Bowling in Leamington next Tuesday (Week 4). Meet in "The Bar" (Rootes Social Building) 6:30pm or in Kelsey's (Leamington Spa) 7:30pm!

Here's a sample of some of the antics from the pub crawl to wet your appetite for Atomic's next social! (Thanks to Ian for the photos!) More of which will be on Atomic's website soon!

See you all soon!


And just for Matt here is Tommy and the Sheep…

October 02, 2005

Atomic Coventry Pub Crawl

Ok guys, it's that time of year again, Tuesday Week 2 - Atomic Coventry Pub Crawl!

Meet in Cholo at 6:30pm or Varsity in Coventry at 7pm.

Simple as that- most of you know the rest!

If you're new to Warwick however- Atomic's first pub crawl of the year is always one of the finest… Lots of fun and frollicks for all! We take you round the bright streets of Coventry, and make sure you're back at home on time so you can be tucked up in bed with a book and a cup of bovril. What society can do better than that?


I'll see you all there then ;-)


January 30, 2005

Last edit and changes in Femtochemistry presentation


Final edit put together of powerpoint, re-animating Dave's Na-I slide that was looking odd to how I know he wanted it.

Changed the wording in certain places (to help Will and Eleanor with their parts). Tried to bridge the gap, and emphasise why it was so important that Zewail won his prize.

January 12, 2005

Email sent to group with regards to editing presentation

Email explaining edit of powerpoint presentation:

sent 4/1/05

"Hey Guys,

As you can see its very late (or very early depending how you see it). Anyway I just got back to Uni today, moved in, and this evening have been working on this sodding presentation.

The amount of stuff everyone has produced is amazing, and the very rough cut came to 42 rammed slides long! A somewhat long 15 minute presentation!

I’ve been working for hours to prune it down, into what I feel may be closer to its final edited form – and working towards our remit of “WHY was Zewail awarded the nobel prize”. (I’ve done this, since no one else has got all the material and time is more than pressing on all of us and we’ve got to give this a good shot, so I hope I’ve done everyone and everything justice!)

Much has been edited down making them proper slides, instead of individual essays (had to edit a lot of my own this way too!) Obviously we’ll be reading more than what’s just on the slide – as we all will have prepared some notes beforehand, but cant really do anything until we know what slides we’ve got.

Since we have 1 working day (Wendesday) before our doomsday before Mackenzie on Thursday I suggest the following (which can be refined at a later date):

We all perform the part of the presentation we actually put together and researched, no-one will know it better! (And at such short notice that is very true).

Slides 1–5 Lucinda
Slides 6–9 Eleanor
Slides 10–17 Dave and Alice – please split up who does which bit
Slides 18–22 Tom
Slides 23- 27 Will

Also what follows is a summary of some of the more complex slides:

Slide 11 –
This is the reaction profile of a 3-step mechanism, going from products to reactants

The positions indicated in red show transition states, that are a non-isolatable species – these are at local energy maxima

The positions indicated in blue show reaction intermediates, these are isolatable species- these are at a local energy minima

The barrier with the highest energy is the activation energy

In order for a reaction to proceed the activation energy must be over come

This is some of the information gained from kinetic studies and
is one of the areas probed through the use of femtosecond lasers

Slide 12 –
First initiating probing pulse laser – excites sample and starts reaction

At a selected time interval the probing laser (that does not affect the sample, just monitors it) probes the sample – this is then detected

The secondary pulses continue giving information at pre-selected intervals (10x-15 s)

Slide 15 –
Potential energy curves showing ground state and excited state for NaI. The upper curve shows the molecule vibrations in excited NaI. When the distance between the sodium nucleus and the iodine nucleus is short the covalent bond dominates, while the ion bond dominates at a greater distance. The vibrations may be compared to those of a marble rolling back and forth in a dish. As the 6.9 Å point is passed there is a chance that the marble will roll down to the lower curve. There it may end up in the pit to the left (return to ground state) or fly out to the right (decay into sodium and iodine atoms respectively). (From Lucinda’s research – just an alternative to what you already have Dave – also replacement picture).

If for timing we have to loose slides I suggest the following be edited out:
Slides 4, 14, And a few from the further development section if necessary

We could meet after our pre-lab talk on Wednesday, (but I have to give tour guides at 12) and have a quick run through.

I really do hope this is ok – it has taken ages, please be honest in your appraisals.

Please find attached the full length, and the “Tom edit” of the presentations



December 31, 2004



Email sent to group, regarding key skills work

"Hi Guys,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the Christmas break.

Was wondering how everyone is getting along with the Key Skills project, and how we should collate the finished sections together before we have to do our draft group presentation next week in front of Mackenzie and Hannon.

I am willing to help collate and edit the presentation together. If someone else wants to do this please say so!... Also when the editing and collating is done as a group we need to get together early next week, assign who does which sections and also have a run through to see how it fits together.

Take care


Since then I have collated Will's work onto the end of my part of the presentation.

November 27, 2004

Meeting 2


General discussion, not all members present at the same time, but following points were decided upon

  • Blogging essential to keeping track of resources and project
  • Draft Powerpoint Presentation (of all various parts) to be ready for a meeting next Thursday at 11am, for group discussion
  • Alice and Dave working together on Introduction to Femtochemistry
  • Tom and Will working together on further developments of Femtochemistry
  • Eleanor and Lucinda working together on the history of Zewail and the Nobel Prize
  • Alternative layout of powerpoint produced and to be emailed to everyone, containing very brief draft of Tom and Will's work

November 26, 2004

More useful resources

1) Quite general, explains how femtochemistry can monitor a reaction, and also goes on to look at more complex solvation effects

2) From Zewail's site, explains the research themes that carry on from femtochemistry

Physics World September 2001
Article on from femtochemistry to attophysics

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