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May 20, 2013

Nigerian Newspapers on Twitter

I am in the middle of seeking respondents for my research; like Alice in Wonderland, it's led me into the territory of checking out Nigerian newspaper houses and their Twitter follower counts.

Vaguely, I am assuming this is indicative of popularity, at least online (you never know what their sales figures are).

In addition, I am looking at Follow 2 Followercount . To me, this is telling on the willingness/priority of that newspaper house to engage with the online audiences (another index would be Twitter mentions& responses to followers). A prime example is BBC Africa's twitter account. As at this date, May 20th, 2013, it is @ 1, 984 (follows) to 194, 698 followers. BBC Africa also has a BBC Africa Have Your Sayaccount, that is more generous with following, and is even more active in interacting with listeners, at 6, 0238 to 34, 908.
My research is on new digital media and democratic culture in Nigeria, a sphere where journalism plays a huge role - in informing the public, publishing public opinion, providing rich analysis of public issues etc.! I am curious as to how they use this online space. I will start by scratching the surface of what I see, their Twitter Accounts.
Let's get on with filling the table below - the list is in no particular order, and note that this is the count as at today, May 20, 2013:
Newspaper Twitter Following Twitter Followers
Vanguard 79 204, 850
The Guardian 7 79, 986
ThisDay Live 1 77, 513
Punch 2, 548 176, 055
The Sun 60 324, 597
Nigerian Tribune 31 9, 698
The Nation 569 42, 131
Leadership 140 41, 978
Compass 56 520
Daily Trust 19 67, 803
Daly Independent 17 682
Daily Times(0 Tweets) 84 100

For more information on Nigerian Newspapers on the Internet, visit this page.
Do you have a favourite Nigerian newspaper? Why?
P.S. If there is any newspaper organisation missing (especially in the national category) please drop a comment also.

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