December 06, 2004

Beef Dish Recipe

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I post the recipe for Japanese beef-potato dish (肉じゃが), which you had at Christmas dinner, since Tricia asked me how to cook it. Here it is…

1 large (or 2 middle) size potatos
1 large (or 2 middle) size carrots
1 large onion
200g beef (or more if you want)
some green peas or string beans

2.5 table spoon of Mirin (suger can subsitute this)
2.5 table spoon of Soy Source
2 table spoon of Sake (Sherry can subsitute this)
Water (I use Dashi the fish soup but you don't have to)
some vegitable oil

Potatos – cut small and put them in water, dry before cooking
Carrots – cut in the size smaller than potatos
Onion – cut into 8 pieces
Beef – slice it really thin

How to Cook:
1. Fry beef with vegitable oil in the pan.
2. When beef is cooked, add potatos, carrots and onion, then fry them together a little bit.
3. Add water in the pan till it fills about 2/3 of the hight of vegitable. Make sure you don't put too much water in. (*add a cup of Dashi if it is available, and use less water.)
4. Add 2 table spoon of Mirin (or 1 table spoon of suger), 2 table spoon of Soy Source, 2 table spoon of Sake, stir, then boil a bit at full heat. Then, turn the heat low to boil until the water reduces into about a half of its original volume. (This may take 10–20 minutes, depending on how much water you put in the pan.)
5. Stick potatos and carrots with a fork to see if they are well cooked. If they are well cooked, add the remaining Mirin and Soy Source. If you like sweeter taste, then add a little bit of suger in.
6. Add green peas or string beans on top, and turn the heat high to finish. (Peas/beans are for coloring, and not mandatory thing; just it looks nicer if we have more colors in the dish!)
7. Turn the heat off, and you are done.

Note: Sake is available at Tesco on the Sherry shelf of alcohol section though it is not the greatest rice wine on the globe. It is rather sweet, and I prefer drier sake… If you go to the Japanese food shop, then you can probably find cooking sake (料理酒) and that's something you can use for cooking.


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